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Gold of a thousand mornings

     As we are in the heart of spring, and life is blooming, there is a great understanding for the lovers of Art (Feuer-Kunstler). When the sun enters the sign of Aries, the work within can begin. The earth itself is budding, the fiery spirit which has been fermenting within is drawn out by the Sun. This spirit of the stone was laid to rest, so seemingly dead in winter, yet it ferments in the depths of the Earth to be drawn out by the time the Sun begins to rekindle it. It is the Adam, oh sacred blood of the Noble King, who is none other than Adonai Melekh.
     Yet horses trod upon this unknowing, the best time to take this red earth for making your stone is after winter when all begins to bud. The waters of the Aethers are rich during the time of the spring rains, the milk of Isis abounds, to take into the Athanor. But the time of greatest richness for the waters does not really occur until St. Johns day, blessed be he our Saint of Alchemists. Though the name of John can be spelled in many ways in Hebrew, Yod, Vau, Heh, Nun, will suit us today. This amounts to 71 which reduces to 8, the number of Hod, which is the river Gihon, that is, the root of the powers of the waters. The strongest time of the Earth; Aries! The strongest time of the Water; Cancer as Johns day is the 24th of June. The strongest time of the fire; Leo at the heart of the Dog days.
Here one finds the water which does not wet the hands.
     The patient philosopher waits. He collects his Earth. He Harvests his water, and stores it. He then basks in the Fire, breathing it in, surrounding himself like an athanor, but takes it into himself to surround his internal Athanor.
     Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food." This is why all Rosenkreutzers are Vegetarians, and where a great secret has been kept, in plain sight. The choice of letters to describe seed is Zain, Resh, Ayin. 277, Zain to represent the air pictured above, Resh the Solar force, and Ayin the red earth. These mixed together in the athanor, must then be heated  by the sun. 277 reduces to 7 , the Sephiroth Netzach; the group mind of humanity and the force of nature itself, Netzach rules fire.

The Fire which does not burn, taken into the body it is then transformed by will into the fire of the wise.

     When this turns black we have the Rebis, yet there are many types of stone. Many ways to go about the great work. Rebis can then be fed with the waters of Isis as pictured and nurtured by the fire till the rebis is turned white and then by will and a slow and gentle fire to red, the best stone for body and soul. Within the seeds and the plants which spring from them there is another alchemy. To be coerced by body and mind, to be reaped and harvested by the hand of man. To take gross matter and maturate it to the point of perfection, wherein it becomes something else.
     For this we must embrace the Earth. We must use the soft earth created by banking and purifying that same earth. By filling it with nutrients, by making into a super-natural earth, which would include projecting the matter of the stone into the earth. In the embankments of it we must grow the foods. The special vegetables, the fruits, the corns, and from this we can take the Gold of a thousand mornings.
You can create soil even richer than this, the Khem or black earth.

     The red earth of the philosophers is found almost everywhere under foot. Men trod upon it, beasts stamp it down, never knowing it is even there. Such is the nature of the thick deep redness, sometimes like the color of brick, sometimes redder, that he who hath eye to see, will draw some into his Athanor, for it is the foundation of the stone of the wise.
     Physical earth which is planted in must be perfected. Brought to its highest state. This is done by composting, watering, mixing, and rejuvenating through the seasons this earth, with the forces which naturally occur, as well as the stone in its three states as well as made perfect(the red fire stored within the earth which rises with Aries, called to awaken by the forces of the season.). Let it be packed in with natural richness to freeze in water, to compress, to enjoy the cold or coolness, let it rest, as if in the grave. When spring comes, the seed of the Earth must be made to rise up into it. At this time so too must the Sun be drawn into your earth. The red fiery force of the seed of Earth settles into the core of the planet, and must be drawn up to seek the light of day.Whole fields must be worked in this way, drawing from below and above.
     As the spring rains come, so the farmer who is Wise must draw the milk of Isis into this earth, so that it becomes Earth. When St. Johns day passes the soil must be turned and aerated, so that when the sun enters Leo you can draw this golden Solar force into the earth daily. A good and simple thing if your place upon the earth allows it, would be to plant alfalfa (would allow a late planting). Come October or November if the seasons temperatures permit, turn that alfalfa into the soil. Make the soil as soft as possible, and draw the waters which do not wet the hands into it daily until the sign of the archer, and then seal it as if it were a great Athanor in the ground before you, and forget about it. When you do think of it, see the rebis form, the blackness, especially through the times of Saturn; Capricorn and Aquarius, enforce this by Will as you would in making the stone. An enterprising soul can water it with the sacred waters as a simple expression of love. As you feel so does the earth around. The land and the King are one. Some evoke the canopic watchers (Feb. 2), yet they are symbolic of the process. Staid, the elements though fixed, could use the softness and feel of the sacred feminine as principled by the Chokmatha; simply drawing the philosophers water into the actual earth transforms it to a state of readiness.
     When the first turnings of spring are perceived, again soften the soil and draw up the force of the red earth (the fiery seed which settles to the core of the earth during winter.). The soil must be turned well several times before planting, so that it is a pleasure to touch. A good base of two feet of soil must be created. This can be done over a year, but one can do this over a few years. When the soil is ripe, and has become the Rebis (before planting the soil must be transformed by the efforts of the alchemist into this dark black Rebis, seen with both the inner and physical eye.), it must be piled into neat embankments (the method of French embankments is well covered on the internet, easy to find advice on techniques of this intensive farming method can be had).
     By doing so we can create the separate crops we will draw the morning dew from daily. Here are some samples of intensive raised bed gardening.

      What we are trying to do is create a situation where we can run a sheet over a row of plants which will supply us with a specific dew, for our tailored purposes.
     We recommend banking the soil as high as is comfortable for the benefit of the plants. The richer and softer, the more healthy and beautiful the plant will be.

         Examples of the 'Jardin Potager"no reason why a garden cannot be functional and beautiful.

     Your Rebis, or perfected soil can be made in a large field. Effort breeds better results. Then it can be distributed for use in your Practical garden. There is no reason why this cannot be done in a beautiful fashion.
     For those who still invoke the Favor of God, an Invokation through His name Eheieh to bring the seed to sprout is traditional. The name of El for bounty and the waters of life to flow physically and psychically on St. Johns day. The name of Elohim when the Sun enters Leo to call down the golden Solar force, the lust of life itself into the plants and earth to bring a true ripeness.

     Now to the work developed by Armand Barbault as so nicely chronicled in Gold of a thousand mornings ( Neville Spearman, it can be found to read on the internet if you can't find a copy).
     It is mentioned that no one can explain the alchemical process entirely. It is not scientific in the ordinary sense of the term, but does get results. To quote from the introduction, "One may, during the first stage of its preparation find the alchemists prima materia almost anywhere. One has only to take, at random, a sample of clean healthy soil. Completely at random? Perhaps not. Definitely not any old time and any old place. Two different orders of conditions converge here, neither of which can be measured quantitatively and so escape the clutches of ordinary, experimental science. The first depends on the inspiration of the alchemist, or, if one prefers, on his intuition; better still, on the instructions he receives. Tradition is firm on this point. The future is acted upon more than he himself acts. Very often he is guided by his wife, perhaps in dreams, perhaps in a series of paranormal perceptions in which she, in a medium-like trance, perceives things more or less intensely in terms of images."
     Where you plan your garden, where you choose to make your soil, where you perceive the red adamic earth to start the process, where you make your compost, all are factors, all to be positively perceived psychically, to cause the best results. You must look beyond the normal vision and see what is there if you are to realize the remarkable which almost everyone trods under foot daily. To continue with the necessary pre-eminence of subjectivity which governed Brabaunts work, we must look to the configuration of the planets at any given moment (including the planetary hrs.).
     To quote from the thousand mornings, "When the stars were especially favourable he chose the spot from which he would take his First Matter. The moment for this was chosen in the same way. Time and place were unique and valid only for that particular individual. The alchemist's frame of reference was his astrological birth chart and the aspects prevalent at this moment which caused the focus of cosmic forces on his work. There, truly, are conjunctions and aspects which will never be exactly reproduced. Of course this does not mean that other alchemists, working at different times and in different places, did not encounter equally propitious and inspiring conditions. What it does mean is that this 'science' is really an art which is not susceptible to objective experiment or banal repetition."
     In Barbaults book we see highly penetrating observations on the nature of dew and the sap of plants. These are natural receptacles for etheric forces. The concentration of force is at maximum before sunrise. Barbault would harvest this dew and use it in the alchemical process. This process can be applied to many different sciences and arts including the growth of food.
     This first paragraph from Barbaults own writing says much for his motivation. " The essential preoccupation of the wise men of old was to discover and capture the universal energies surrounding them. Above all they aimed at preparing a universal medicine which prolonged life-span by maintaining the body in good health. This allowed groups treated with it to accomplish special tasks entrusted to them, thanks to the enhanced experience they were thus able to amass."
      The reason for the need of this pursuit as stated all those years ago when the world was not nearly as polluted as it is today (though pretty bad); " The turmoil of modern life, the pollution of air and ocean, the spread of radiation all bear and nourish new diseases against which we are all too often helpless. For this reason many researchers consider that we need to lay the foundations of a new kind of medicine, one drawing inspiration from the most ancient ideas. This is the true path, the path which this book sets out."
     This next long paragraph will show you why the study of gold of a thousand mornings will aid you in developing the skill to bring about one form of the sacred alchemical process.
     "To grasp the importance of the subject, one needs to be a diligent observer of nature, able to give attention to the smaller details of natural phenomena when they appear to obey laws unknown to or even flatly contradictory to the physical laws we take for granted.  In fact we are surrounded by energies which are invisible to us. These are the universal etheric or fluidic forces which take part in the life processes of plants and animals. Their laws are in no way the laws of gravity. Look at plants or creepers as they raise their flexible, sap-filled stems into the spring sky. See how the buds on the rose bushes in your garden firm and swell. The fragile supporting stem does not seem aware of this excess weight. Is one not led to think that gravity has lost its power? It seems as if the gap which fills the stems is under pressure from some invisible pump hidden deep in the roots, keeping the stem at its customary degree of rigidity. But try pulling up a rose bush in order to transplant it. You will be surprised to find that, during the short time the plant is out of the earth, the compression effect completely ceases. The stems bend under the weight of the buds, straightening up again only several days after replanting. Further, you may notice that this straightening up process does not happen progressively but is most marked at sunrise. The stems then tend to wilt again during the day. In this way you will have been shon that the invisible life forces which operate in the reverse manner to gravity are more in evidence in the morning than at night.
     It was observations such as these that the wise men of old built a large part of their knowledge The invisible forces, whose action on a rose bush has just been demonstrated, act similarly on the whole vegetable kingdom. They achieve their most powerful effects in the spring and at daybreak. They act in exactly the same manner on human beings, too (picking in the morning adds to the life of the fruit.).
      Look at a child running, jumping or simply walking along. As the stem does not feel the weight of the buds it supports so the child seems not to experience the weight of its body. An old man, on the other hand, proceeds slowly and deliberately. His tread is heavy, his head withdrawn into his shoulders, as if with age the physical deadweight of the body has gained the upper hand. Suppose one could find a way of capturing these life forces, of condensing and encapsulating them in a scientific preparation. The man to whom such a preparation was given could, one imagines, regenerate his entire organism and probably prolong his life considerably. This was the idea in the minds of the wise man as they researched into the Universal Medicine or Elixir of Long Life."
     Armand will then go on to talk about the nature of the first matter. He says that though he started impregnated plants with dew in 1948, it was not until 1960 that the Matter reached maturity. He describes potable gold, and will give you a good idea of how to proceed in the work. His Prima Materia or first matter and its use in healing and elevating lesser substances to their height can also be of use.
     We recommend studying his approach if you have the means to experiment with its processes.
     There are many who understood the work of the Brabants, but few who could follow through. Though Paracelsus was their mentor, few can follow him. Here Armand makes things easier. We must all remember that there are many paths to the one. That God teaches everyone differently. An hundred ways are the correct ones, yet might not be for thee. God is the school master, Without Him there is no progress. Let us go on to say that fabrication of the life Divine is an on going process. One must will to dare to know, and as they say of old; be silent. Who can say. I think the mute book of nature is there for all to read, but few ever see it, most cannot read it, and even fewer can understand it.
     I hope we will be able in future to present more upon this subject and that what has been collated here will offer an approach to discovery. The composite of our posts are meant to aid one upon the path of wisdom, to inspire study and research and to bring all closer to God by their own volition.
     The Aegyptians put it best in that; 6AM is ruled by Amen. Noon by Hathoor, 6pm by Hrumachis, and midnight by Khephra.  Jupiter-Venus-Mars-moon. Each offers a nurturing, some more than others. Amen is aware of all, Hathoor feeds all, Mars rules all, Khephra makes all out of nothing. Amen is Aries, Hathor is Taurus, Hrumachis is Libra/Scorpio, and Khephra is Cancer. These comprise differing states of the plant during the day. Hrumachis is called the double lion, the most active is 6am, the most feminine is 6pm, differing types of potency. All these states must be experimented with. With a scientific method some interesting results might be had.
     Where does it begin or end. It begins with that which comprises the stone of the wise and ends with the black first matter from which is made the universal agent. Potable gold, the seed of gold, the red stone which heals ills, the red stone which transmutes gold into the seed of gold. The path is simple, the task Herculean. There is no Hercules unless he is imbued with the power of God.
     Oh Chokmatha; guide what souls the Will would see come into Fruition.
Alchemy can be applied to all arts, all sciences, to growing better food, to growing better herbs for use in the alchemical process and healing. All nature must be perfected!

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