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The Patriarch of the Heavenly Father: The Hierophant.

     He is the Divine intercessor, he who stands between God and man, and aids in the enlightenment of those who seek Gods Holiness. He is the all father, a patriarch, one who has been given the blessing of hearth and home, and cares for all who are a part of the family. He was Jacob, and Isaac, but especially Abraham and Moses. Yet God courses throughout the world, and the Hierophant who perceives this has had many names and emanations.
     He is the Ubermensch, he who has realized his higher self, and can enter into this state of mind at will. In this higher state all is made clearer, and he can commune with God and His Angels. It is this quality of intercessor which must be earned, as they say; through initiation. The term initiation has been so ruined by its abuse in the last two hundred years that it would help if we left off from its use and gave a better explanation.
     It is preparation to experience God. That of course is the best way to define it. As Jesus has said, 'John the baptist was Elisha the prophet and will return again before the second coming.'  Our soul must mature, and it does so through numerous life experiences which either lead it to God or extinction. You can read about the transmigration of the soul in many places. Franciscus Mercurious van Helmont is one of the few 17th century Rosenkreutzer writers who had something to say on the subject. His works are in public domain and can easily be found on the internet.
     The Hierophant is a Greek word which has been grafted on to all the European languages with a simular meaning; one who leads others to the Divine, one who is wise, knowledgeable in many things. The all Father who leads one to God. This true Patriarch to the best of his abilities and circumstance, is a messenger, a teacher sent by God, one who enables you along, upon the path to your awareness of self, and, if you are fortunate, your awareness of higher states of mind, uncommon but natural to man. There is no need for drugs. Control of the Body, control of the mind, and a true devoutness are all that is required.

     A Hierophant can help, but all happens because God enables the keys of your personal development to unlock the doors of consciousness. One must attain control of their physical bodies. Then their minds, so that they do not wander, can concentrate, and memorize without too much difficulty. Then one must transcend both body and mind, into a state of pure consciousness, wherein you can leave your body, so as not to be influenced by either body or mind. From this state of pure consciousness, we can bask in the energies of Divinity, and eventually commune with Praeter human intelligence, and God if such is possible, for each individual has a specific relationship.
     Some can experience God and live, some not, and some can experience God and merge with the Body and Mind of Divinity, which appears like death to those left behind. The Qabalistic Tree of Life is the Guide through which to project consciousness to separate yourself from earthly existence, but God needs no forms, no rituals, no rules, no methods to commune with the deserving. He can come in a flash of blinding light, as He Wills, for in the end there are no rules but those set by God, who is beyond name, but has many names. This is why He is referred to as Shemhamphoras, which means the Divided name of God, and also can refer to His Angels, the which of there are 72, the Angels of the Shemhamphoras.
     This Ubermensch or higher self is of greatest interest. That which enables one to become a Patriarch. Unlike Paul the false apostle, we cannot say that we were alone on a road, and were told by God to completely change Christianity, thereby adopting anti-christian doctrine and calling it the faith. We cannot go against Biblical law, we cannot use the higher self to justify wrong. Though the Bible is full of controversy, of prophets doing things which seem to refute the law, but were ordered to do so by God. God is a law unto Himself, and so may be the man who has attained the Ubermensch and can commune with God.

   These sticky points plague religion, but the aspirant is always left to adhere to the basics of the Biblical tradition, for according to the Qabalists, the Bible was written to guide the ley person, the common man. A simple tome of rules for simple people; but God is not simple, and sometimes the truth is beyond rules; as in; 'Thou shalt not murder (kill). If so then why does God order the death of the Tribes living in what would become Israel. If we should not murder, how can we follow the 'an eye for an eye' tenet. Christ of course did come to save us from much of this by saying, ' he who is without sin cast the first stone'. Yet he warns the apostles that the time will come when they must arm themselves.
     These controversies can be sorted out by a Hierophant, a shepherd set over the flock to solve the problems which arise. This often has led to great schisms in religion, as in the case of Augustine. He was a Manichean. He believed that the world was ruled over by the Devil, and that together with God, the souls of men were vied over. There was no talk of a devil before Augustines negative influence (saints being a new form of idolatry for the catholic) . The Manicheans were stoic, hated existence, and equated religion with misery; they were against life and hated the creation made by God. Hence the by product of this unholy union between Augustan and Christianity was the roman church.
     Let us leave this nightmare of the corrupters of holiness who rape little boys and enter back into our subject; The Grace of God, the Patriarch or Hierophant (which phonetically in German would be spelled Heirophant.).
        A great deal of what is done in this state of consciousness is inspired. The term Geistlichter can define well the position of this man. He rouses people through action and deed, through words and through the mystical experiences he can guide others through. He can peer into the Aethers to look for the future, or to plot a course through the realm of Yetzirah, the world of Formation, which comprises the Astral planes; so as to lead people through a religious experience, or even one through which their soul is brought before God. Most importantly, the goal of the Patriarch is mediator, between God and man, and between people.
     He lights your spirit, he prays for your soul, he attempts to wash away your sins, He can create a covenant between people if they would choose to enter into holy matrimony, and can scold those who wrong, in the hopes of setting things right. He blesses the land, some can influence the weather; and calls over the blessing of food at table.

   There are two levels of Heirophant. The Hierophant and the Grand Heirophant. The first can astral project, is versed in the ancient texts, can carry out the sacred rites and even place them into the language and understanding of the time and people he is with. He is Tipharethic. He can enable you to follow the procedures and talk out your processes and approach to attain Tiphareth. None can assume the office of Hierophant without attaining the full experience of Tiphareth.
     The other is the Grand Heirophant. He has seen God face to face, and lived. He becomes a hand of God. Both are men, and as all men can be fallible, strive to not err (even Moses was not allowed into the land of milk and honey, though he saw God face to face and lived.). All Power comes from the All Father, from He who manifests His Will, Eheieh Ahsher Eheieh; God who is beyond name, beyond form, beyond visage, the maker of all faiths, for there is almost no religion which does not have some truth within it, almost no spiritual path which cannot teach something.
      We are just leaving a time of great darkness. The great winter is almost over, and soon we will enter into a sacred spring, led by God and His Heirophants, we can only expect the best for humankind after the great tribulation.
      The message of the Heirophant is quite simple: First it is, Man know thyself, for in so doing you can know God. God is great, and is art. All art is Divine, and should inspire Divinity in the souls of men. All those who have entered into the stage of this Tipharethic experience are called Artists. Life is beautiful ecstasy, evil and oppression can be overcome. That which creates weakness must be put aside, and all must excel to the highest in every endeavor.
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     Because God is the Great Artist, He often cannot be understood easily, at least not until Binah is attained, and weltschmerts comprehended, applied and transcended, which is a continuing process.

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