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Tellurianism #3

     To continue in our attempt to explain tellurianism, we hope to crystallize the idea that there are many types of intelligence in the Universe and beyond. This of course begins with the vast intellect of  God, which courses through the Universe and influences and shapes everything. There is the passive intellect which can be tapped by any intelligent being (microcosm i.e. small like us) that the Qabalists defined as Chokmatha, the Greeks as Sophia; an intelligence which we can commune with to elucidate that which we seek to know, either by showing us the path to wisdom or by guiding us naturally to it, and of course for the gifted, by speaking directly to us.
     The main postulate of Tellurianism is that Planets have a form of intelligence. They influence our decisions used in building, planting and structuring civilization. Therefore, a great force behind civilization is Tellos, this subtle intellect, which moves at an epochal pace, thinking in terms of thousands of years instead of simple lifetimes. In effect, it is an on board computer, which if used correctly, will tell man how to use the Earth properly.
     Tellos has a desire nature all of its own. Tellos goes through growing pains. It shifts. Its magnetic poles are not static. Its Ley lines can be altered; Ley lines can be created.  We can psychically influence the world for better or worse.
     We must look to the fact that there are numerous Oikumenos systems in the world. Humanity of course is one, but so are minute molds and fungi, as are forests. The once great forest system has been shrunken by mans use, and his abuse of the environment. Many of its cells still exist. The best way to study the Oikumenos of the forest is to study the isolated cells.
     Forests have a life of their own. Even if man cuts them down, and replants them, even if in a plantation style, they start to take on a life of their own. They Shape themselves, control their own climate, and draw life forms to dwell within them. Most of the forest in west Germany has been so controlled through the years that it is very like a garden. Yet the Lahn certainly has taken on a life of its own, as do most.  Only if the hand of man is constantly upon it, will a forest be kept from its natural state; who is to say that the hand of man has not been moved by Tellos in the creation process anyway.
     Though trees do not move, the forest seeds itself, either through the aid of animals, or the wind, it spreads. Each Woods, form a biotic cell, of what we could call the forest Oikumenos. Our Mr. Stringer sees this as; the skeleton or frame being made up of trees, shrubs, grasses, and other plants; the circulatory system of air and water; and a nervous system comprising animal life. He states that the mind of man then gives the wood a spirit. That the woods itself does not have one. Yet the researchers at Findhorn saw it somewhat differently.
     They applied the principles of the Rosenkreutzer that all things have life, and a form of intelligence. Man, whose intelligence is far reaching, can enforce his own will on any living creature, but these creatures have a form of intelligence of their own. It is we who can perceive this and make use of it. Though most living creatures are aware, they do not perceive how to use the principles in most situations. We shape our environment best, and through intellect are lords over the entire planet, which no other species is. Though Tellos can wipe us out, it does better to work with us, fulfilling our needs while softly shaping our decisions. Sometimes, a thing is sensible because Tellos has influenced a man to think so. Man can through a series of impressions transmitted through feelings, translate his will into this emotive principle to the vegetable kingdom, which can alter the way things grow, improving yields and the overall health of the garden/environment,
     In this way the Oikumenos is in its essence between Man and the Earth. but when man steps back, the Earth creates an Oikumenos with other living systems. Today man has the greatest influence, but the Earth must be studied as would an observer in a lab, over millions of years. It is then that we see the movement of forests, of cities, of ice and water. If sped up in a movie, the Earths body is constantly in motion, growing, stabilizing, receding, transforming. Once the Mediterranean may have had cities upon its sea bed, now they are covered by water. these changes are part of the evolution of Tellos, as well as the Oikumenos. 25,000 years ago, North Africa may have been rich forests and jungles, but time, the recession of the ice caps, and man have made it other wise.
     The memory of Tellos remains, and the psychic can perceive this, as can those who can recall their past lives. One can walk to a woods or desert, and hear its history from the dark soul of its teller.
     The soil itself is a transmitter of warning to Tellos. If in patches of its Oikumenos are dying, it will attract life forms to alter, to bring life to a sandy patch. First with a type of plant, then insects, to aerate the soil, pollinate the plants, provide food for birds. Soon the patch of dieing soil, is renewed by a sort of autonomic nervous system, which naturally goes to work. An automatic immune system if you will, can also be conceived.
     Again we must remind ourselves of Genesis, the Earth must be tended as a garden. To quote Stringer; " What is the ultimate function of animal life in the Universe? Does it, in fact, have an ultimate function? Has the object of the long sequence of animal evolution been to produce man, the lord of all? Or is man merely the latest evolved type of animal, destined to be superseded by other forms of life? Tellurianism takes the view that each individual animal, each species of animal, each animal community, because it is unique, possesses a special experience of the Earth, which is of unique value to life as a whole. Life is a complete and self-contained creature, dependent on its environment, the physical Earth. Plants, both as individuals, as plants species and in vegetation communities and associations, form living (and hence highly sensitive) indicators of the sum total of the nature of the physical environment at a specific location on the Earth's surface: i.e. they form Life's sensors of these conditions. And animals, both individually and in groups, very effectively link these sensors together to form nervous systems."
      With the advent of Man as ruler of the Earth, life itself developed a consciousness. Before man, life was a complex animal well adapted to its environment. Hence we are the Crown of creation. We just haven't realized it yet. As every living thing is an important part of Tellos, Tellurianism regards all, but requires a brain. So God made man. Man is slowly moving out of infancy. Everything has a mind, (including stones and trees) but man is godlike.
     As a creature evolves, it becomes aware of its environment. To quote Stringer; " In terms of Tellurianism, any animal species that ultimately comes to be the most complex and sensitive sense organ of a specific cell within the body of life must be at an evolutionary dead-end. For to be an effective sense organ, the species must be coherent and whole: i.e. must be limited in both time and space. The most sensitive organs of life are the big mammals: in the case of the rainforests, the tiger in the forest of tropical Asia., and the jaguar in the forests of tropical America. Conservationists tell us that in a few years' time we may see the last of these magnificent creatures finally disappear. And so two complete sense organs of Life will become available for us to study: we shall have a complete knowledge of their extent in space-time. Of course, conservationists are right in trying to keep alive these dying species. But it is a fact that any animal species that perfectly accommodates itself to its environment, and in so doing makes itself sensitive to changes in that environment to a greater extent than any other animal species, must ultimately become extinct.
     The evolutionary success of man, at the expense of other higher mammals, is due to his power of adaptability, and in particular to his ability to extend himself at will. Whilst retaining an unspecialized core (his body), man has developed, specialized extensions to this core that enable him to cope with almost all conditions that exist on Earth. This has resulted in the appearance of new forms of 'life'-- the telluric plants and animals mentioned earlier--  which are capable of fantastically rapid evolution and transformation compared with organic life (i.e. Cars, the highways which carry them, planes trains and ships; new life forms coursing about the earth, with capabilities never before possible in normal evolution. This sentence slightly altered by the editor)."
     Soil is by far one of the greatest vehicles, an Oikumenos unto itself, that from which the Oikumenos springs. I like to think of the Oikumenos as a creature made of a combination of man and nature i.e. the Earth. Though every 'other' Oikumenos can exist without man, as long as there is man, he usurps the independence of all other life systems, solidifying the concept of man and Earth comprising the Oikumenos.
     I would like to carry on using the Secret of the gods by E.T. Stringer in later posts as a vehicle to expound upon this subject, but should like to expand upon this a bit.
     As must be apparent by now. Man is influenced in his decisions by the Telluric force, and man influences the Earth. But the Earth as we know it, the biosphere is a fraction of the entire planet. A thin covering. As if thought up, to grant us a home, a biosphere to exist in. Without this 8000th of the Earth, the planet would be a hostile environment where in life could not grow. The subtlety of it is too vast to contemplate. God said to the gods let us make man. Jesus said; 'What more can I offer you, than to become gods'. This sliver, this thread of existence enables the human spirit to incorporate itself in a bio-system through which to promote itself, its intellect, its soul.
     As has been said. Tellos influences us. Our cities grow, as an interplay between its slow moving mind, and our quick adaptable psyche, changing, transforming, defying the laws of evolution, because mind creates a new law of evolution, based upon what it can dream of and make real.
     This is the strictest tenet of Magick. To make the ideal real. This is the strictest tenet of life. Now that we can contemplate the forces of nature itself, as a part of Oikumenos, we can begin to contemplate controlling nature, the growth of plants, the life of animals, in our magickal strip of bio-sphere, our tiny little sliver of life, upon this vast planet, which is just a speck in this vast density of space, separated by a seeming vacuum, impregnated with who knows what. This is the vehicle for consciousness, the Soul.
     If every storm has a form of intellect, it can be contacted and controlled. If every stone has some form of mind, the history within it can be learned. If every plant has a form of mind, we can through the sense of feel, empathetic and emotional, transmit the joy of growth and good health. As every animal has a mind, somewhat automatic in that it is so influenced by genes, as in the case of feral animals too difficult to domesticate, there is still a point where the mind of man can touch upon it and influence. Man and horse is one of the best practical and psychic examples of a link between species. With the Dog, more common and spectacular, because so many have seen the value in the relationship.
     From this we realize, that we can psychically transform our environment, our existence; that thinking man is far more complex and god like than ever realized by the multitude, if only he would try.
     Many ancient cultures did try. These attempts enabled them to alter their environment, and to exist for long periods of time, in an era when human civilization was always one step from its end. We too are one step removed from an extinction event. It is through magickally shaping our environment that we can preserve it, that is, keep it in perpetual motion, constantly evolving, continually improving. As we learn we adapt.
     The great rites of old, were practiced to unite man to Earth. To grow through God and His creation. Not to worship His creation, but to become one with it, and influence it in a positive way. To conserve that which is necessary. To let vanish that which is effete. The great rites of Khem were for this. The Khemite practices drew upon the forces of nature upon our Earth, and tied them to the place where the galaxy begins, that is in Leo. To create the etheric link to cultivate the life force upon this little sliver of bio-sphere.
     In our current epoch, the Sothic star has moved, yet the forces are the same, the galaxy exudes its forces as ever, and those who  can perceive the Oikumenos between this bio-sphere and the galaxy which surrounds us, can only improve and preserve life as we know, balanced upon the fine razor of reason, which must enter into the permutation of itself in what is called Yetzirah. Assiah (the Earth plane) must be suspended by Yetzirah the foundation. This Yetziratic force, of a psychic nature, yet far more complex than most could dream of or even fathom, is the foundation of all physical existence. The foundation of the universe. It is here that mind can shape the plastic substance of reality.
     During the Dog days we can captivate the forces to sustain ourselves and improve our part of the bio-sphere, possibly all of it, if there was full unimpeded participation; but all practical implications must be concluded. If we stop that hurricane, will worse happen. If we make it warm, will this cause drought? If the land is polluted, would it be wise to plant crops there, will them to grow, and feed them with polluted waters? Though you can call upon the forces of heaven, you must have your feet upon the ground.
     So with all practical conclusions drawn, we influence that which grows. To alter the weather, we call down Divine blessing and see in the Sekhem what must be, we make the land fruitful and to multiply, while keeping within Divine law. How so do we begin?
     Still the Body. Still the mind. Learn to banish, so as to create a clean little psychic environment within which to work in a pure state of mind, unhampered by petty thoughts and common pursuits.
     The ancient Egyptians, which I shall spell as Aegyptian, to differentiate them from the modern dwellers in the country of the same name, would call upon the Sekhem. The Hebrews call it Shekhem (they don't like to admit that Moses was an Aegyptian prince/priest,). They would draw this solar force to the earth, into this sliver of bio-sphere, and then couple it with the Sothic spirit, the nectar of the Stars, to infuse life into the bio-sphere (the reason for the Hebrew Succoth holiday which eventually devolved into a thanks for the harvest celebration.).
     It must be done during the Dog days. It goes in stages. These are: Air - water - Fire - and Earth. Some have seen this as the concourse of the forces, symbolized by them as the dragon in its different methods of concourse with the Earth (that is between that point in the zodiac of the galaxy which is called Leo), through which they call these forces. If the earth were seen as part of the Tree of Life, the position of a planets north pole entails the philosophical and physical extent of the principles which influence that planet, that Oikumenos. The Earth faces Binah. Judgement. Saturn. Discipline.
     This stern face, still reveals that Saturn is also the Element of Earth, and is also ruled over by spirit. The universe requires of us, that we maintain discipline of thought, body and bio-sphere, to bring about the best for us. So that spirit will rule, implying the best of possibilities for us all, if we adhere to the principles. If we act like crude animals, and act feral, then we cannot expect but to be at the mercy of unforeseen conditions.
     If we choose to work with the forces which are about us, and through will, to adjust and manipulate these forces we can do amazing things.
     The Aegyptians would create god forms, so as to embody a type of power; that by so doing they could draw upon what might seem as praeter human forces, to psychically transform the conditions of the Oikumenos. The rituals were practiced to work the practitioners into a state of what we call the Ubermensch. Either those who were able to attain this state or those who were present to be a part of the raising of force, all would transform normal consciousness through religious ecstasy to a pinnacle of higher thought. The Ubermensch would then work the magick, would then visualize, more clearly, would be in the newly created world, and draw it down to Earth.
     Hence the idea of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The perfect Oikumenos. Man, united to the Will of God, willing a new heaven upon the Earth. That men have done this before, detracts little for the necessity of men to do this again. 7 billion souls, most not yet immortal souls mind you, 'racing about without camels', 'hurling their bodies through space, not knowing who or what is out there', have little idea that such evolutionary control can be exerted. In ancient times, especially during times of smaller populations, a few specialized people could bring about change, and better their environment. Now it is a herculean task, with all the uncontrolled minds out there.
     As the rites were carried out; first the mind (Netzach principle, das Rhein Geist) of all involved united through blessing and meditation into a deep state of selflessness, would then contemplate the air. The Hierophant would invoke the forces of air through the Divine agent. All would unite their psyche to the air, but especially the Hierophant, who would use whatever means were necessary to draw all participating into an exalted state of mind; and when the sublime was reached would shape reality. He would also allow those with the sight to peer into the ethers to perceive what the future might hold.
     Each of the elements are thusly embraced and then structured each with a differing effect upon the world, in rituals designed like Divine dramas, to draw man out of the common work a day world into something higher, but more on this later.

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