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Apocalypse series #2

     I wanted to begin with preparedness for possible apocalyptic events, but thought that we in the continental U.S.,  excepting those on the west coast, have some time to get things together, though a later article in this series will talk about preparedness. The problem with those of you on the west coast is that there may be no way to prepare for what you are possibly in store for. It might be better to move, or prepare for an exodus. I believe you have until at least July to think about what you are doing, I hope you have longer. We will discuss that, but not today.
     So I thought that today I would give a tour of prophecy, which all too often is like an astrophysicist attempting to explain the center of the universe. I will attempt to put together a coherent compendium of statements and prophecies of the apocalypse, and expect that this will require several postings.
     Let us begin with Sir Issac, Newton that is, the mathematician, Alchemist, occultist, and overall scientist, best known for his theory of gravity, he who was appointed Master of the Royal mint and moved the Pound Sterling to the gold standard from silver in 1717. The myth surrounding him is that as Alchemist Royal he was able to move the country to the gold standard, because he found the Universal Agent (the discovery is mentioned in his diaries.) to perform the transmutation and rendered his service to the Crown. He is also known for Newtonian Mechanics, Universal gravitation, Optics, Binomial series, infinitesimal calculus, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia. He was an astronomer and scholar of Christian Theology.
     It is from his theological pursuits that he determines that there is an interrelationship between the prophecies of Daniel and John, writer of the Apocalypse. He notices that John is ordered to open the book which was sealed by Daniel and that they are two parts; Daniel being an introduction, and John being an interpretation. It must be understood that both are not clear, and demand a degree of illumination to occur to the individual reading them. This implies all things to all people, but it is meant to say that not everyone will be granted the reward of prophecy, and that only those worthy of the benefits of prophecy will be able to reap, read and glean guidance from it.
     The cynic will reply that this is a comfortable way for the obscurest charlatan to hide the truth, and that it is all nonsense. Only those blessed with understanding from the spirit of God will be able to comprehend and follow the message of prophecy. So to the cynic we say, if prophecy does not make sense to you, it is possible that it may never be comprehensible.
     The reason why the Revelation of Jesus Christ is called so, is that it reveals the prophecies in a refreshing way, tying the traditions into the chain that they are, from the early times of Daniel up to the time of John and beyond. Jesus was one of these prophets, giving the message of God to His creation, and the warning of coming events. What is most significant is the response to the trials of the soul, not so much to save you from the events of catastrophe; the weighing of the soul in the final balance is what this is all about. He who saves his life will lose it, two will be standing in a field, one will be taken, one will be saved. We must pass through the trials and tribulations of the fire so our souls can be judged
     What is significantly implied is that mankind can avoid the events of the apocalypse. Through prayer; that is the correct direction of psychic forces coupled with innocent prayer, and a genuine inner morality. As this is the last age to the Hindu, it is a time of corruption, therefore, a time when most men will not be moral.
     Einstein is said to have calculated that something like 2% of humanity could change events in the world through enlightened prayer. Simply asking for what you want from a god who is supposed to do your bidding is an absurd fetish of the most imbalanced psyche. The impudent attitude of those who say, 'how could God let this happen' belies one who has no idea of what God is, or spirituality is. Many of the things that are negatively affecting us could be changed by us, we cannot assume that it is Gods fault that men are murderers and mismanage the world.
     The warning of the apocalypse is to alarm us to prepare and to attempt to change these events. People have forgotten the psychic side of religion. We must direct our faculties for the preservation of humanity, and that preservation depends upon other worldly faculties and phenomena, as well as practical management of the planet. Sir Issac seems to view most of the book of John's prophecies to have come to pass already, but Issac's greatest contribution is to openly state that God and Christ are different, Christ never coming to imply that he is God, but that he is the Logos or word of God. Newton also notes the ties between Daniel and John, so that we can study both to see what impressions and warnings we can glean.
     What seems most clear is the rise and fall of Empires, that each Empire gives birth to the next, and that the idol of Empire has feet of clay, so the Imperial dream itself is against God, and will fail. From the Sumerian/Babylonians to the Egyptian/Greeo-Roman to the German hegemony over the holy Roman Empire, to the Sumerian/Persian/Islamic/Mongol Empire, to the European age of Empires, to the rise and hegemony over  the whole world by the Anglo-American Empires, with China now in a position to rise above them all, tells of this godless idol of imperialism, with feet made of clay. Where is Sumer now, buried under sand. Funny thing, ancient Chinese script is very similar to ancient Sumerian writing, now it comes full circle, and the progressed descendants of Sumer now stand to end as the last empire as the wheel of life philosophically turns, and most people never notice.
     What Daniel makes us aware of is that Empire is of the same beast or principle, and all the empires of this last age come from  Egypto-Sumerian beginnings, and will all end as they have. The idea of Empire is flawed. As we are warned in the book of Samuel 1 (chapt 8) the people are warned not to have kings but to have judges, and God relays through Samuel why the nation state and its kings, presidents or emperors, will enslave you. The average American pays about 70% of his income, in a multitude of various taxes, having to work anywhere from 6 to 9 months to come up with the money. (State, city and federal, sales and realestate tax. Registration for your vehicles, tax on your telephone, cable. electric and gas services. Estate tax, capital gains tax, and numerous others I might not come up with right now. After 10% total, taxation is slavery.
    We are warned that a part of the human race will die from the earth, another from war, another from plague, another from famine. Throughout all the turmoil though, it is stated that a multitude shall survive. What we can only do is put together bits and pieces of the puzzle, which leads us to Isaiah and Ezekiel.
     In Isaiah he tells us that right before the time of tribulation, when the worst can be expected of apocalyptic events, the world seems to be doing well, moving towards peace and plenty (the nineties). God states that the people of His faith turn to perverse pleasures, adopting pagan customs,  they have plenty of silver and gold , they be replenished from the east, and take pleasure in the children of strangers. "Their land is full of idols; they worship the work of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made: And ."the mean man boweth down, and the great man humbleth himself: therefore forgive them not."
      This referring to our materialist society, with its cults of personality and socialist behavior. People make a show of humanity and spirituality, but in truth all that motivates them is greed and personal power. Isaiah goes on to see that; "And the loftiness of man shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness of men shall be made low; and the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day." The rest of this 2nd chapter describes terrible earthquakes, warning man to worship God and not the edifices of man, both physical and mental. The despair of the world is caused by mankind worshiping itself.
     Enter on the global crisis roster; Japan. A pagan country who worship the influences of man, the haughtiness of their tech, the worship of the rich and powerful, the abuse of the common citizen (sararymen, now living on park benches.) This cult of the Keiretzu will leave its masses huddled to beg for their rice as necessity makes it too costly to care for them in times of disaster. The Japanese peasant will be ground down as he usually has been historically. The feudal lords of Sony, of Toyota, and Honda will continue to do business, continue to receive government 'aid' to assure their exports are buoyant, and those of the surplus population will have to find a new place or make room for the more 'successful'.
     This though is a warning for the rest of us, and especially for those who put their faith in governments and their corporate masters whose tech we all love to buy; worship the creator and not the created or suffer the fate of nature, red in tooth and claw.
     Isaiah goes on to foretell the fall of Jerusalem, but makes it clear that it is yet to come. Because natural disasters will become commonplace first, and he gives this other very pertinent clue: "As for my people; children are their oppressors, and women rule over them." It would not be until the age of feminism takes hold, that the worst would occur, this is the clue God left to us through Isaiah, so that we would prepare. Jesus warns us to flee Jerusalem in that time. Isaiah continues to relay the message; " Oh my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." The political agenda of feminism will create a nation of weaklings, easy to conquer by those who are not brainwashed by the misnomers of the 'gender benders', and the leaders of nations who wish to emasculate their men, like the EU, and the governments of North America and Japan. To the leaders who cause us to err, realize that if you let men kowtow to women, to their 'bosses', to their 'government', you will have a nation of weaklings, all  men will be like children. A nation of children will generally succumb to a bully. We need strong independent decisive men if the nation is to stand.
     The Chinese do the same, but they have much greater numbers. They can emasculate 80% of their population, easily leaving over 200 millions for their warrior/ruler class.  Only a fool would presume that they are embracing a free trade society. Just read Lenin, Mao, and other extreme left wing radicals. Their approach is to weaken the rest of the world, to destroy capitalism in any way, while forcing worldwide communism upon the entire planet, by any means. They have stated they will steal, will undermine economic systems, will use militarism and any means at their disposal, to bring down worldwide capitalism, and humanity under the reign of socialism.
     The military industrial complex now being constructed by China, will dwarf that of any other nation, making it impossible for many to resist them, unless a response is offered. Switzerland is the only Christian country attempting to keep its men independent, but EU values are even eroding them. When the leaders create the race of peons they seek to make us all, they will realize there is no one left to resist the invader, this was not realized by Russia's feudal leaders until the Mongols made them serfs . Conquest in the twenty first century will come from military and business means. The means for the rescue of masculinity is a topic unto itself, and will hopefully be dealt with in a later article, but the need for masculine men is essential for any free society to exist in the future. A free society is essential for our survival!
     Isaiah goes on to relay; "The Lord standeth up to plead, and standeth to judge the people. The Lord will enter into judgment with the ancients of his people and the princes thereof: for ye have eaten up the vineyard: the spoil of the poor is in your houses. What mean ye that ye beat my people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor? saith the Lord God of hosts."
     This is happening now. The disparity between the rich and poor is a widening gap which creates burdens for all. The desire of big brother to destroy the individuality of everyone, to eradicate all privacy, to destroy the castle law which is common to Euro-American Christian/Hebraic culture, is one of the signs of prophecy. The fact that no one is allowed to own their own home, unless they pay a real estate tax, defeats the castle law unto itself, but that a home cannot be kept in the family except with paying a large tax bounty to the thieves in government, defeats the rights of man completely.
     When government should be preparing for disaster, officials are lining their own pockets and maintaining entitlements for their supporters and servants. We are not talking about socialism here as people believe it to be, we are talking about the powerful and wily using their advantages to disproportionately steal from everyone else, which is effectively what modern socialism is. People should not be forced to join anything by government, government is here to serve people, not the other way round.
     The government should not force people to join the social security system, but should not be able to use the social security fund as a private bank account, effectively stealing from those who have paid into the system. If people want to belong to a security system, for medical, financial or defense purposes they should be allowed to choose to join, not forced to join, which is slavery." So the Lord warns us through Isaiah, and we know that the hour of the worlds tribulations is at hand, for it is considered that right after the time when these signs are noted that the worst of destruction and desperation shall fall upon mankind.
     These installments cannot help but run long. I hope you have found some help from what I have shared with you here. More to follow continuing with what God had to say through Isaiah in Apocalypse #3.


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