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Apocalypse #3

 Today's events do seem quite frightening, but we cannot live our lives in fear. The reason for this series on the Apocalypse is to help people sort out an approach to it. I hope we can share our findings, research and experience, thereby enabling a better understanding and approach to these times.
     In keeping with a style of the blog, which does not allow too much depth I will attempt to give a short and well pointed essay of the biblical prophets, from Isaiah to the end of the old testament, and then on from there in future posts, covering Nostradamus, Soloviev and others whose interest might arouse comment.
     What is warned is that Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ethiopia (which in those days included Saudi Arabia.), the Persians (Iran), and the  Philistines (read Palestinians) which they mention as coming from two places; Gaza, and Lebanon, claiming that they have a great store of wealth which they will use to defeat Israel, all will be the fomenters of war and tribulations. On their behalf, they feel the poor down trodden former colonies, of both Europe and the Ottomans before them, but it must be recalled, that in the name of Islam, all these countries were conquered by the sword. 'Live by the sword, die by the sword' (the prophet Issa to you Islamists, what goes around comes around, no one has claim to the holyland.). The lands of the middle east and Asia minor have been up for grabs for so long, they are a testament to forsaken greed, clothed in some righteous cause for time immemorial.
     God through the prophets goes on to say that Jerusalem will be destroyed, that 2/3s of the population of Israel will die, and that the remaining 1/3 will have an epiphany whereby they will understand God and His laws and be transformed by His spirit. God states that the chosen people are to be an example for the rest of humanity, who God wants to come to the true faith, that is the direct experience of God.
     He chides the Jews for their obsession with wealth, saying, "All your merchants will be wiped out", and for their cruelty to others, which is his reason for punishing them, they will be decimated. He despises their vanity, allowing them to be punished for their inability to stand as good examples for the rest of humanity.The third chapter of Isaiah is most convicting, giving the cause for Gods alarm and judgement. 
     The insipid cult of the business man is described, where people will seek a leader out because he has more then they do. God is angered because of the cult youth worship and feminism, saying that another failing of the people is that men no longer rule.
     The good in knowing this is only that after the survivors of Israel begin to rebuild, a golden age will begin. It is said that Israel will not only have the problem of war and famine, but also of a massive quake. It is considered by these prophets that man can through supernatural means influence the weather and natural occurrences, but there is of course no science to back this. One must attempt to contact the power of the Divine in order to experience it, and its age old methods have been secreted from the multitude, hidden in plain sight for any who choose to see.
     One of the most telling signs was received by Isaiah who warns; that children will rule over adults, with all the ignorance and absurdity that entails, and that feminism will take root and destroy masculinity, causing men to be weak and effeminate, and easily defeated by those who do not tolerate feminism.
     After the destruction, women will beg to embrace polygyny, that is many women marrying one man (Isaiah goes on to say that seven women will offer themselves to one man and offer to support themselves, if only he will let them take his name, to atone for their behavior.) which in accordance with biblical law, the law Isaiah and Jesus, as well as all the prophets embraced, is the natural order.
     When this day comes, and sanity is restored to the world, the times of tribulations will be over, the apocalypse will have spent its wrath. God is angered at the emasculation of men by women but especially by governments, which is why He warns against them. Kings enslave men, as do presidents or any other form of fuhrer. As is clearly stated to Samuel, only God should be King, in the world men should only have Judges to settle disputes. Anything beyond that is tyranny ( read in Chronicles what the fate of people who allow their freedom to be usurped by a King or too powerful leader will be). Since when did Presidents believe they could make war without going before congress, was it before or after the draft.
     What God despises greatly, is the way businessmen prey upon their poorer brothers, forcing up the rent, costs of commodities, as God calls it grinding the faces of the poor. If it was up to all the Donald Trumps of the world, we would let him buy our houses for a song, throw a coat of paint on it, and sell it back to us at 4x the expense, then charge us a monthly maintenance fee that is twice what the rent on the same property may have been.
     The hedge funds bid up the price of oil and gold and other commodities, forcing the prices up and down on a daily basis so they can day trade with their massive capital, enabling them to sharply influence the cost of life's necessities, while reaping massive profits. They have no concern for the suffering of those less fortunate than them. Are there no highway overpasses (we used to have workhouses for the poor, but they seemed too much like slavery, so they were abolished. The well to do financially bankrupt can live in tents in some parts of America, for the rest...) for them to live under?
     Of course the atheist/humanist camp will say there is no God, and these events are circumstantial, many ages thought their time was the apocalypse. To them I reply, that if you would take the time to stop justifying your degeneracies, and therefore the laws in the bible you choose to avoid, and read prophecy, you might see that the events given as preceding to and occurring during the apocalypse have now materialized, you might then realize that the negative events in world history of the present epoch are the apocalypse.
     By most accounts, we have at least 13 years left to suffer through the apocalypse. it is interesting to note, that Isaiah calls the messiah the branch of the Lord. Branch is Tzaddi, mem, Cheth, having a value of 138 or 90,40, and 8 for the last letter, which is reduced to a 3, the number of Judgement or Binah. All the letters taken in to account are ruled by water, Ha-shemiam, the force through which God creates, when He made man and the universe(s).  It is written as tzemech Yehowah, or the branch of God, which has the numeric value together of 164, which reduces to the number 2. Thus the branch is judgement, but the branch of God is the Logos, or word of God, the office of one who attains Chokmah, the second sephirah on the tree of life, signified by the number two. The power of God will emanate through him, and he will be the hand of the Lord.
     The prophets from Isaiah to Malachi all wrote at a time when the end of Israel was occurring. Isaiah-760bc, Jeremiah-629 bc, The Lamentations of Jerimiah-588bc, Ezekiel-595bc, Daniel-607bc, Hosea-785bc, Joel-800bc, Amos-787bc,Obadiah-587bc, Jonah-862bc, Micah-750bc, Nahum-713bc Habakkuk-626bc, Zephaniah-630bc, Haggai-520bc, Zechariah-519bc, Malachi-397bc
     In Isaiah we hear first mention in the prophets of the branch. In the last chapter of Malachi the Lord says;"'For behold, the day cometh that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch." Here the word branch is spelled;  ayin-70, nun-50, peh-800 final. This has a value of 920, which also reduces to two, as did branch of Jehowah reduce to two, or Chokmah. The vision of ovens is again given to the prophet Esdras when he asks the angel Uriel what the fate of the Jews will be (Book 2 chapt. 4 vreses 48 and 49, interpreted as very apocalyptic, in Auschwitz it rained human fat, some say once or twice a day, translations vary, but thick droplets suspended in the sky and fiery ovens whose smoke remains [such atrocity will not easily be forgotten], comes as the vision here, as well as a symbol for more lies ahead to occur than has occurred in the prophets own time. Translations vary).
     The comprehension of God is a simple thing, and easy to absorb by those of a simple mind. Yet there is an innocence of intellect, as in the case of Einstein's, which can contemplate the obtuse in a complexity that goes over the head of belief, and requires mystical experience or a very vast intellect.
     The order of the prophets is not chronological, as you may have noticed. The order I give is in the bible. Isaiah goes first, because he has the most to say. From him alone we can get a time grid established as to when the apocalypse is to take place, and when it is to take its worst turn, until the signs are given for about when it will end. From these hints, we must prepare ourselves.
     The Jews, who could not accept the contempt of God, which they had earned, could not believe that Israel would be allowed to fall. As scripture informs us, and as history and geopolitics belies;  it was inevitable that Israel should fall. What the prophets are saying, is that man can override inevitability, through the magick of God, and His power. This power must be invoked in order to survive, and the tenets of the Lord kept. As Jesus said, he did not come to change the law, but to fulfill it.
     It must be understood that all ethnic groups  have their problematic people. All of us will suffer from these apocalyptic events. No one can know exactly what will happen. We can sanely and carefully prepare, and try to be good people, all to each other. Jesus warns us to arm ourselves for when he is not here, and that has been quite some time. What we can interpret that as, is that we must be level headed and practical without sacrificing our humanity.
       If food becomes scarce, will you share with others, or at least trade, if you have not enough will you steal from others. The apocalypse is the time of the weighing of souls, when everyone will be tested. When you stand before God, or in all good conscience; can you say you are a righteous person, and a credit to humanity.
     These are the issues at hand. We of America and Europe have lived in an era of plenty. How will we respond to a coming famine. It may only affect other parts of the world even though presently famine seems close to us all. We must not live in fear. At this point preparing for the worst is probably a good idea. Having the resolve that an attempt at righteousness, that is right conduct and inner beliefs and principles, will enable to us the inspiration to find our way through the maze of survival and enlightenment. More will follow.

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