Monday, March 14, 2011

The Apocalpyse series #1.

     This should be a running article, as the subject requires a great deal of attention, and has many and varied aspects.
     The Japanese earthquake certainly has apocalyptic nightmares on the minds of many, as they rightly should. We live in an age of uncertainty. It could easily be remarked that every age has had its uncertainty, but ours is greater, because we can actually know what is going on all over the world. When a 9 on the Richter scale earthquake occurred off the coast of Washington/Oregon states coast 300 years ago, people in England were unaware. This awareness gives rise to much anxiety, but knowledge breeds wisdom. The population of the world has vastly increased, which allows for greater risk to more people, higher casualty levels.
     We cannot avoid the fact that more disasters are happening. This fits with prophecy. As a Rosenkreutzer, we take both the scientific outlook and the religious viewpoint. We want to know the science behind the occurrence, but understand that these things were prophesied long ago by many and different holy men. We study every religious tradition, comparing them to our own esoteric Christian systems of understanding. If a man prophesies with validity, only a fool might avoid the warning.
     Yet we cannot live in fear of the ramblings or rantings of each and every soul who chooses to verbalize such, as the wards of many a sanitarium are lined with 'prophets'. It can be argued that there is a thin line between insanity and creativity, or spirituality. Our prophets follow the rule of religious traditions established as having validity by the brotherhood and our personal research. Though even crazy people have something to say, and could even be vehicles of prophecy, we must apply the wisdom of centuries to our understanding.
    From Daniel to  Issac Newton, there is a coherent set of sensibilities to follow. Unfortunately many do not know these, and few are chosen to join the Bruderschaft, so maybe some commentary upon the subject might help.
     I have chosen to develop this continuing article to elucidate the subject. Having undertaken survival training, having long studied the biblical-Qabalistic-Rosenkreutzer tradition of prophecy, and studied most of the spiritual traditions throughout the world, I might have a little to contribute to the awareness of the subject. If I can help anyone at all, then I believe I have a duty to share my experience.
     Let me begin by saying this is not the end of the world. If one peruses the writings of Berosis, of Plato and read Budge, and the writings of other archeologists, you will see that according to the ancient records, life has risen and fallen many times before. The ancient Egyptians talk of numerous risings and failings of human civilizations. We are due for one of these climactic occurrences in our own times. What prophecy offers us, is the knowledge that though these things will happen, there will be a golden age for humanity after we pass through this apocalyptic age. It is thought by most of us that the apocalypse started around the time of the thirty years war, what the Dutch would say was the Eighty years war. If you would like a reading list let me know, and I'll put one together for you, though future posts will include the history of the apocalypse, and projected future events..   
     We take a primitive Christian outlook, coupled with the elucidations of the Rosenkreutzer adepts for our approach to all of this. Paul was a Roman agent sent to sabotage the religion of Christianity (an upstart Jewish cult.), whose real name was Saul. He completely changed, literally destroyed Christianity. Peter betrayed Christ, another pariah who perverted the true faith ( acclaimed as the founder of the Catholic church.). The Catholic church is the synagogue of satan, a perverse joke which has turned more people away from religion, than preserve the traditions of spirituality which Christianity meant to renew, and intentionally keeps its followers in ignorance.   Even in the time of Boccaccio (1300's) we read of the perverse abuse of children and lying decadence of the Roman church. Many of what poses as current Christianity also takes their antecedence from the Roman church. 
     This though, is not meant to be a rant against wolves in sheep's clothing. It is to establish the fact that there is truth in Christian prophesy, and a validity and sanity to be found in its traditions, at variance from the ignorant fallacies proselytized by the Romans. The cult of Jesus is just that. When he said "I and my father are one', that is, the Hebrew Echad (unity), denoting that Jesus, or Yeheshuah his actual name, had union with God, he did not intend his personal worship. Making men into gods was an ancient pagan tradition. No true prophet would presume this of himself, as it is blasphemy.
     The prophecies of Jesus have validity, but do not go into enough depth. He, as any after him would know, expected that warning would be offered as needed. So we must look to events in the world and match them to the words of prophets, and respond accordingly.
     What Jesus warned as signs of the apocalypse, was that; Israel would rise again as a state, there would be great earthquakes, and wars and rumors of wars, and many false prophets saying that they are the one, or that the hour of doom was upon us,  that they have all the answers. John's apocalypse warns of people dying from war, famine, plague, disease and the earth itself.
     Jesus goes on to say, that no one, not him or anyone else can know the hour of the Lord, but that these are the signs, and to look for more signs to come from other prophets, but no one can know exactly what will happen or when, but God.
      Keeping things simple then, we have lots of wars, we have famine, we have religious strife (one of Nostradamus' major contributions to the prophecy tradition.) and natural disasters.  We have disease running rampant,  resistance to former treatments by mutating bacterias and viruses, and the threat of famine due to mismanagement of land and water resources, and the potential for unexpected disaster from genetic engineering. We have lots to worry about, so much so that some contemplate going on.
     Amidst all these longings we have many a good day, many moments of satisfying life experiences. So we must rise to the occasion,  responding to life's trials and tribulations as we can, attempting to better what we can, while doing as little damage as possible, in accordance with the will to do so.
     Everyone is not a savior, everyone cannot be a prophet, and everyone does not have to be a Christian, especially since the tradition has been so corrupted (though I would recommend avoiding paganism, though even David had his Uriah, and God loves the good, which is the reason for Davids punishment after his murder of Uriah, a good man.). As Jesus had said; 'He who saves his life shall lose it'. If you cannot find a religious interest, keep an agnostic's open-mindedness.
     What is expected is civil humane behavior whenever possible. We cannot help everyone, and must respond to violence with violence if it is unavoidable. It is not only; save yourself to fight another day, it is to save yourself to live another day. It is up to us to preserve the tradition of life itself, with all the joyous experiences this provides to those willing to reap the benefits.
     I have tried here to establish that all which is happening now has been foreseen, and that foresight has warned that it will get worse before it gets better, so we must prepare as well as we can. This would mean different things for different people, but for us all, it can be expected that such calamity will continue at least until 2025.
      If you live in a major city you must decide upon flight or siege, which is better for you. If you choose to flee, just google the E&E bag which should include a good first aid/med kit, and make the best choice for yourself. Make sure it has a very efficient water purification device, which guarantees the removal of bacteria, metals and poisons, is portable, and spare no expense if possible. Water is the most important survival element. Carrying this bag from place of work to your home is not the worst cross to bear.
     A fold up bike might not be a bad idea, or skates. You must have a few escape routes chosen, planned out on maps preserved in a plastic or metal waterproof container. You must have a predetermined idea of where you are going, where you would have the best chance of survival or preservation. An escape route which does not require bridges or leads to a crossing of water by boat if bridges cannot be avoided should be in the plan.
     Most governments are against the rights of the individual, and eschew self defense. They do not want you to be able to resist their appointed agents, or do not expect you to make valid judgement calls in times of trouble. In Louisiana, women were raped, and citizens robbed by these same figures of authority who were supposed to defend them. Do not presume that government officials can be relied upon, only hope that they can while being very wary.
     I am trying to keep this as simple as possible. There is plenty on the web if you want to research more. Having a gun, is a great equalizer, especially for a woman, but weapons can be taken away from you, especially if you have a conscience, and think twice about using one. Whatever your weapon of choice, remember that 3 seconds of vacillation can mean hours of suffering or even death.
     Choose your weapon based upon your willingness to use it, as well as your ability. If you have a gun, take a self defense course on the use and maintenance of your weapon. Remember if you do not respond to a threat quickly, your weapon can be used against you. Mace can help in a situation, but often should be used with a second weapon. A knife can be taken away from you.
    You must check the local laws to find out what is legal, so that you as prey don't become prisoner, especially with today's tendency for government officials to treat citizens as enemies in their police state. In most cases, if you were posed with many of the experiences that law enforcement officials are on a daily basis you might be just as paranoid. This 'them' or 'us' mentality is very wrong of law enforcement though understandable, but not forgivable. Troubled types are part of the job, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Law enforcement is here to preserve the average citizen, not bully them, or be judge, jury and executioner.
     As the writing spray painted on the wall of a murdered innocent grandmother (mistaken as a drug dealer.) by Los Angeles police officers read, 'L.A.P.D. rules', we must realize that law enforcement has become a haven for gang bangers to freely go 'riotin an lootin, as the opportunity arises ( the city of L.A. paid a heavy damages award for that blunder, but had no response for the L.A.P.D. rules tagging.) Where else can they get legal authorization to freely carry weapons, and a badge to hide behind while bullying and worse, a population which has been told since early age to respect and obey them.
     We can only hope these who abuse power are a minority, I would hope that the average law enforcement officer is the modern Knight in shining armor, here to preserve the peace and protect the innocent, but there have been too many cases where that is not the case.
     In an emergency beware of everyone. If you throw your lot in with anyone, remember that any misbehavior must be considered as a threat, even if that misbehavior is not directed at you. On the good side of this thread, most people have the best in them brought out by a natural catastrophe,  though the general consensus is that the most scary animal in the jungle is the two legged variety, and tired hungry stressed people can get ugly.
     Your choice of a defense weapon should be something you can handle. An extendable baton is probably one of the best choices. It is portable, adds a good deal of weight to your punch and is legal in most places. Strike for the right hand of someone who threatens you, which should be enough for you to get away. A self defense course might give you good tips on simple things you could do to get away from an antagonist, and even possibly instruct you on the use of a baton. There are many self defense courses which last for only two weeks, and will give you the edge to get away from an assailant. Don't waste time on vengeance, get away and to your destination.
     Remember that weapons can be used against you if taken from you, and that often the use of any weapon carries stiff penalties in most municipalities. The best thing you can do is avoid conflict. Stay hidden, move in the shadows and don't make your presence known.
     If you are leaving in a refugee situation, with many others, remember that sharing is a good thing, but propping up others who did not prepare for the situation could make you incapable of preserving yourself. Barter of necessary goods and services is the first choice, and calculated  charity the next, leaving yourself with enough to get by on for twice the time it will take you to arrive at your survival destination.
     Desperate people will try to convince you that you owe them, but you don't, you have the right to help who you choose to, or not. When walking in a large group there can be safety in numbers, but if it is in an area where you might need to run, try to pace yourself in a part of the group which is less dense, so you can run for cover if the need arises.
     Wear comfortable shoes that offer good protection for your feet (boots if possible.). Feet and legs are the easiest parts of the body to take wounds on, the fastest to become infected, and the most likely cause of the end of your ability to walk. A set of knee and elbow pads are important and should be in you E&E bags, as are gloves, warm for the winter and protective for warmer seasons. Using roller skates can make you leave others in the dust, especially if its radio active dust stirred up by you local Islamo-facist, it helps to move as quickly as possible. You must have shoes to change into if you are on skates.
     Remember that we do not live in an homogenous society like the Japanese. They are one tribe, and tend to be more civilized to each other. Here in the States, we are many tribes, and the awareness of ones differences is brought to the fore in bad situations. As said before, most people have the best come out in them, especially during the first few days of a disaster.
     What if you can't get to your E&E bag, and have to evacuate? Carrying a Swiss army knife, a flashlight attached to your keys, a few bandaids and some easy to carry pills of your choice to counteract radioactivity (Iodine, Cipro for wounds or bio hazards, and even aspirins.) if you live in NYC is a good idea at all times. Carrying a bottle of water can come in handy at most times, though often this is admittedly inconvenient. If a store is open buy the strongest available sack, and fill it with the best nutrition of the least weight, remembering that a five to ten pound bag can weigh a lot more to you after 5 or 10 miles of walking.
     We have established the possibility that we live in apocalyptic times and that disaster may be more commonplace then we would like, and that we might have to deal with that imposition. I hope this article will inspire you to begin to research the subject on your own. More installments will follow.

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