Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Warfare and the Occult

     It is interesting to note throughout the ages that warriors and the power of the occult have gone hand in hand. As long as Moses kept his arms raised up to the Lord, the Israelites were victorious.When his arms grew tired, his men held them up so the power of the Lord would favor the Israelites, for if his arms were lowered the tide of battle would turn against the Israelites.  This idea of using the power of the Lord, of an interrelationship between God and man, goes back over the centuries, and not just in the biblical traditions.
     This has led many to presume that psychic power was at work here, giving atheistic proponents of psychic investigation an attempt at applying scientific research techniques, another reason for denying God. This denial is rooted in Catholic doctrine, that things psychic are not spiritual. Yet for those who have known otherwise, it is through the psychic faculties that God and the forces of God are communed with. Physical control, and Psychic development lead to Spiritual advancement.
     There are cases of many experiencing God without any effort beyond faith and prayer, but as a rule, anyone who gains control over their physical body, so that it does not interrupt pure concentration, and then controls their mind so that it does not wander during a period of concentration, can then begin practices for psychic development. In altered states of consciousness the power of God can be connected with. There is of course psychic power, which like electricity can be tapped by the Holy or the unholy, which is probably why there is fear of such power.
    The Israelites feared those who performed psychic activities, though they themselves did the same. This is because they knew they were in touch with the Divine. There is a darker side to the forces, tied to the id of unbalanced minds and the group minds of people throughout the ages who have intentionally embraced evil.
     Blood sacrifice, is murder, no matter how you label the rationale. In shedding blood you release the spirit of the person or animal slaughtered. This can be manipulated by the sorcerer. Even the ancient Isrealites can be accused of this abuse. The concept of human sacrifice obviously not alien to Abraham, but they eventually eschewed the practice, though many others did not, using the forces raised to call upon greater power. Those of the left hand path, basically, who will go to any lengths whether ethical or not, believe themselves above morality.
     This mistaken belief has caused many a failure, and the bloodbath of the twentieth century holds testament to that. This inevitably leads us to the validity of success in warfare, in geopolitics and all its implications. When is war not murder. Is a nation able to be held accountable for its ability to murder, or when it murders. Today as ever, might makes right and history is told by the victor. This is how it has been for the users of psychic power throughout the ages. Those who have held a dominant stance over others often decide right and wrong. Yet today we are posed with an enlightenment within strict confines which allows for open mindedness to any subject, though fortunately blood sacrifice is considered evil, and people do generally not probe deeply into subjects considered unscientific (meaning unacceptable to conventional academia.).
     There are numerous instances of occult powers being used for the sake of warfare. The Greeks consulted oracles, as did the Romans and Hebrews as well as the Egyptians. The Hebrews carried the arc of the covenant about with them to battle, considering it a major weapon. During the dark ages men would carry a book into battle as a form of talisman to aid them in conquest.
     This sort of thing has not gone out of fashion. In the Elizabethan era there was the court Magickian John Dee, who counseled Queen Elizabeth to build a fleet, to undertake empire, which she felt tiny insignificant England was not capable of doing. She heeded his counsel and the rest is history. John Dee was also Elizabeth's ambassador, and is the first to use the moniker 007, the two zeros representing the eyes of Elizabeth and 7 the number Dee chose to represent himself, he was an alchemist and psychic spy who never fell out of favor with the Queen.
     Upon Dee's recommendation a fleet was built. Dee is ascribed with having called the winds to sink the Spanish Armada, which does seem a bit apocryphal, but that has come down the ages as history.      
     During the reign of Hitlet the spear of destiny was prized as the weapon which would be possessed by the victor. General Patton took possession of it as soon as he was in grasp of the prize.
     In eastern marshal arts the target is visualized first and then attacked. In horse related art the same is done. The entire run is visualized first. If archery is to be practiced on horse the shot is visualized first, as is the same for lance. In jousting the opponent is seen to fall from their horse. In hand to hand you must see yourself as the victor, with a visualization format (a routine visualization where the face of the opponent can be installed in the scene and conditions of victory) developed to use before a fight. In Aikido a beam of white light is visualized between weapon and target.
     Most have heard of remote viewing, a kind of astral or psychic projection, where the viewer projects himself out of his body, as if he is flying in a dis-corporate body, in which he fly's to a place and spies. There are claims that there has been a good deal of success with this, though the government claims to have canceled psychic programs (which is believed to be part of a disinformation campaign.).
     Many boil life down to sex, money, and power. Though somewhat shallow, as life is too complex for such generalization,though much of life's endeavors and motivations can fit into one of those categories.
     We are of the belief that Spirit and matter must be conjoined, with spirit ruling. A life devoid of holiness is pointless and animalistic. War has its place in the scheme of things. Though better avoided, conflict must be prepared for. If we do not preserve our culture, the barbarians at the gates will certainly bring about another dark ages. The Qabalists defined the highest triangle of the Tree of Life as the spiritual triangle, that God was a vast intellect which courses through the universe ruling over everything. For the elect who could experience this, vast wisdom could be accessed, and many secrets revealed, hence the reasoning of spirit ruling over matter.
     Whether through prognostication, or the compelling of powers supernatural, we must use every capability to prevent being overrun by those who would steal what we have made, and in the process bring the whole of our civilization to ruins. The planet itself cannot survive the ecological nightmare primitive cultures are causing to it, let alone survive the wars of aggression these primitives are plotting in their quest to take what we have. If there is a world war three, and not just an ecological apocalypse, it will be fought between the haves and the have-nots, over wealth and resources.
     It is not simply; praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, but that ammunition will not be enough, as neither will simple prayer. The concept of sacred ritual performed with the intention of captivating what can only be called psychic or supernatural forces, will be essential to defeat the godless multitudes who will not settle until they have complete domination over us. Their primitivist viewpoints, whether Marxist, animist or Islamic, or something I have not conceptualized at the moment, are all intent upon one thing, domination.
      Ultimately what is war, but one group causing another to be submissive to them. This does not mean that the world has no future. That we cannot create an enlightened environment, where trade and the exchange of ideas, cultures and religious/philosophical viewpoints can be shared and debated. These barbarians I speak of have no intention of allowing an open and free society. They want us to think like them, and do what they tell us, which includes allowing them to steal as much from us as they can.
     To defeat a multitude you will need more than Earthly power. This is a fact that has been known for ages, wise men must be consulted, holy men sought out for power and guidance, and the Lord petitioned so that the outcome can be judged, and the convocation of power be directed. Each of us in the world has free will, the first thing guaranteed by Divinity; to choose between good and evil, right and wrong.
       Ultimately the apocalypse is the stage set for all souls to choose between God/right action, and evil/ruthlessness outside the guidelines of the positive philosophy set forth in most religions, and given in the Biblical traditions. Good and evil often are clear enough, though sometimes it is hard to decide which is the case. We can only hope to choose wisely when the moment arises for the trial of our soul.
     Hence the reason for seeking a higher power in times of war.Fortunately Jesus relieved us of the role of executioner when he said;" he who is without sin cast the first stone", and," do unto others as you would have done unto yourself".

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