Friday, February 18, 2011

Religion and Politics

     Many people assume the right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Throughout the world it is assumed that under democracy an individual can assume such freedom.  As Democracies throughout the world presume, government has the right to do as it likes. Shrouded in the police state secrecy of 'national security', these rights are being eroded away. So secretively that citizens are frequently unaware of their loss. The concept of elections is an absurdity. They do not exist. The agenda of most governments continue usually little changed from one administration to the next, as office holders are just figureheads.
     In the case of the newly rebellious, when they demand Democracy, they are assuming it means the pursuit of happiness, the protection of the individual, respect from 'officials', and an unhampered lifestyle, where an individual can pursue their interests. They presume that corruption will end, when democracies are of the most corrupt places on the planet, but then; isn't government  just another word for corruption, in whatever ugly mask the beast shows itself.
      Most of the mullahs of the world, along with their counterparts in other religious traditions believe otherwise. They presume that because religious tenets were given for them to follow that all others are meant to do the same. As is the case in the Biblical tradition, religious laws are given for those who chose to follow them, as free will is the first imperative of God. That God who asked the Israelites to destroy various and sundry peoples is tied to their karma, to regional feuds, and to the premise that God is Monarch of the Universe, and has rights over life and death, is evidenced by history.
     People can accept this of the CIA, or the President of the United States, but not God. We should question any who take the lives of others. Christ came to alleviate us from the responsibility of punishing others. There is a time when obligation requires us to destroy those who bring harm, to defend ourselves. Christ saying he who is without sin, cast the first stone, frees us from the stonings and other punishments that those in ancient times were required to commit. Somehow, the message o Christ is lost on the religionists. Religion turns to blood quickly.
     The Rosenkreutzers early on saw this error, which is why it is to become the religion for the enlightened era, an illumination for all that has gone before.  Modern scholars debate this, and presume that the antecedence of the Rosenkreutzers were fictitious. The traditions are based upon direct experiences between seekers and the Divine. The body of practices and methods for enlightenment are based upon those which worked in the past and can be further enhanced through advancing  research, development and practice.
     There is no solution for the present strife except through education and illumination. When a mind functions to a greater extent of its capacity, when logic and intuition are combined, we have the methods of science with the aims of religion applied to all problems. The earth was meant to be treated as a garden, not just the part you live in, the entire planet. Thusly as is stated in Genesis, we have an obligation to clean up and preserve the entire planet with no exception; not as the imbalanced false religionists would have us do, that is to purge the world of all who disagree with them. There will be no solution to the worlds problems found through today's political systems, they are the problem.
          The pressing problems of the entire planet supersede the needs of big oil to obtain more product,
and of small minded religionists to conquer the world. Thus these two sides now at odds in the middle east must be suppressed, dealt with like the troublesome sanity impaired children that they are, who are too immature to inflict their viewpoint upon others. Until the world alienates this sort of behavior there is no hope for the future.
     There is an ancient tradition that humanity is like a crop, whose souls have been planted and grow through the various lifetimes enabling the individual with the learning experiences which lead to enlightenment or decline, to excel. If enlightenment is attained, and God experienced directly, the soul is made immortal. If the individual

does not attain the expansive spiritual experience, he goes the way of all failed crops. Thus it was said, that John the Baptist was Elisha the Prophet and would return again before the second coming.
     The world is a stage wherein roles are set, but the players must choose between right and wrong. Let us hope that after the coming tribulations, the survivors will choose the path of life.

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