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RosenKreutzer Qabalah and the higher man.

     The much maligned concept of the ubermensch has been misinterpreted since those outside of Germany first heard of it, as well as by occult dabblers who thought it would help them construct the master race. It is the higher self of man, a form of consciousness that lies dormant and must be cultivated through mystical attainment. It is the part of us that can commune with the Divine, it gives us better capabilities. God Willing. This concept of the higherself is inherent in the Qabalistic tradition.
      The Rosenkreutzer Qabalists see man as born in a natural and innocent state. He can then develop himself spiritually through the ages and carry that development over lifetimes. Until a man attains Tiphareth he is not able to commune with the Divine. In this process the wiring of the human is not fully operative. At this stage of development a great change is had. New faculties, intellectual, psychic and spiritual are awakened, shocked into awareness. People have likened this to rewiring the human computer. We see it more as making all the components function together so that we can access the infinite data base, and attain unlimited power, in accordance with the Will of God.
     The loss of science, is that it expects conforming results, consistent and repeatable. The ubermensch is more capable than others who have not reached enlightenment . Yet all men are fallible, infallibility a state of being left to God alone. Yet the ubermensch  can cause someone to be consistently accurate in many perceptions, and able to commune with God and praetor human intelligences.
     It is through physical control, and psychic development that we can develop the perceptive abilities to communicate with Divinity. From this, inspiration flows. From this intellect grows, in this state of the ubermensch we can completely rise above the physical body and the ramblings of the mind into a state of pure consciousness where we can have the Divine power of God flow through us,
     This power is called the Ruach. There are simular variants in the Japanese Ki, the Chinese Chi, and from the spiritual traditions of many other cultures. Each is a little different.  Every tradition generates a slightly variant current, as is the energy created by each person somewhat different, even from those who have come from the same school. This energy is used not only for healing and relaxation, but to completely over ride the interruptions of normal consciousness, so that the mind can act independently from the body (in some the ability for the soul to rise above the body, in a state of pure clear consciousness, it is outside of the body in pure intellect that man can commune with Divinity.).
     The Qabalists do not promise that you will become God. They say that God is the Macrocosm, an unlimited intellect which created the universe and exists beyond it and throughout the entirety of creation. They say that Gods realm begins in the unmanifest, the Ain, simply translated, 'not'. He exists beyond the limitations of space and time. In this state, God is beyond normal perception. In the natural process of Being, God extends Himself ,( He, as an active principle, because 'He' is beyond form, the intelligent progenitor of all existence might be a better definitive, yet I am fond of calling God 'He', when convenient. I hope we are beyond the ramblings of ignorant feminists. All of us are limited in some way by society. Those of us who succeed rise above such things. Whether God is a man or a woman are the insane ramblings of misfits.) in so extending Himself, He is know as limitless, an expanse greater than the universe in its many manifestations.
     He then becomes limitless light, or the light in extension as has been a traditional title. From this limitless light which is beyond the perception of most souls, God Wills the creation of existence. This starts with Kether, the Crown, or First Sephirah. In the Crown is the spark of all life, the intelligence behind all existence, that omnipresence of intelligence that motivates all things.
     Evolution is driven by this intelligent process. You can find evolution taught by those who were enlightened by our art for many centuries. Paracelsus taught that metals evolve, as is the case with all things, everything having its ultimate state. Alchemists considered gold to be the king of metals, yet we know that gold evolves even further into higher states. The " intriguing structures of gold nanoparticles ', FOM institute for plasma physics article, shows the complexity and power of this noble metal, so prized by the alchemist, who would consider platinum and other noble metals to be of great interest as well.
     Many of the noble metals are classed in the same category by the alchemists. What they are saying is that lower metals can be raised to the level of the noble metals, and that noble metals are spiritual. As the FOM article shows, there is a great deal to learn about gold and how it is affected by external mediums ( The free electron laser Felix and new techniques in observation prove very interesting results.). We have not yet discovered all there is to know about gold, even though every generation believes theirs is the pinnacle of perception. We have a long way to go with scientific discovery, and it may be seen that the serious alchemists were on to something far greater than was recognized in the past. Science knows even less about the human mind and psyche, let alone anything about the soul.
     Our perceptions evolve as so does all existence, and the source of this continued enhancement is Kether the crown.It is said that all which is inherent in any thing, is in Kether. Kether is the crown of the intellectual triangle, the first triangle upon the Tree of Life. Like the genetic code of existence all things start in Kether. Au7 is a triangle of 6 gold atoms with 1 additional gold atom attached. The noble or Divine metal has within it the key to creation itself. Many physical phenomena seem to have very mystical properties. They behave strangely and are not easily explained. Many a physicist sounds more like a mystic than a scientist in their explanations of matter.The principle of the triangle, & 7 and 10 are most prevalent in the Qabalistic idea of the Tree of Life as a meditative glyph for all wisdom.
     By meditation, revelation, and experimentation man has the ability to intelligently enhance his own evolution. These psychic/spiritual activities applied to practical experiences have been the attraction to the Qabalistic method for self development. Through it all aspects of life must be applied.
     Each of the ten Sephiroth have principles of psychology, and the developmental states of consciousness as well as attributes of all things occurring in nature. The Qabalistic Ideal differs from many other religious approaches in that we believe in what Jesus said when he said to become as gods. We must develop what were thought of as super human capabilities. To the people of the time when such things are common, we must develop new faculties, more astounding than before. Life is art, and the Way of God the supreme art. This is attained, or rather is in a constant state of attainment by the ubermensch. Man becomes the catalyst for his own evolution.
     I hope these few thoughts will spark a few thoughts of your own. If you are interested in an understandable approach to the Qabalah try reading Dion fortunes 'the Mystical Qabalah', for a simplistic intro to the subject. Many of the books that take a ' Jewish' approach are usually more simple, and Talmudic, so not all books on the subject are worth studying ( I personally have read every book I could find on the subject, if even a sentence sparked something it was worth the perception to me.). These things have a way of unfolding for everyone differently. The books which come to you, and the way you interpret them have a lot to do with personal development. The experience of the Ubermensch is beyond books and the rational mind itself.

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