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the Vril...Power from God.

     As in all forms of media sensationalism runs wild where ever possible, especially when sales might increase. The goal of intellectual investigation and informing has been lost on many of the present days authors, from the simple blogger, to the periodical, and even authors of books. To say that the 20th century is devoid of wanton materialism is naive, but the quest for dissemination of new learning with the goal of furthering wisdom and developed research should not be a goal lost to current and future generations. Science is just beginning to blossom. Minds are open to unconventional pursuits, which give rise to ingenious innovation. Such is the case with Vril, the subtle power behind all forces in the universe.
     Of course, there is much speculation, and a lack of definition regarding the subject of Vril. So let us begin at the start of it all.  Though some of you may find this speculative, I will not presently question the discourses on pre-history. The forces of existence start upon what has been called since the time of Enoch;  Yetzirah, the world of formation. This etheric realm is where all force begins. The concepts surrounding this etheric realm are simular to multi-dimensional theories or multi-universe concepts, but are even a step more removed than these. What happens in the physical world, owes its beginnings to what has already started in this astral realm of Yetzirah. So effectively this realm is beyond normal definition; it is the place where action causes reaction in the physical realm. Immaterial in nature, but the principle of force behind the manifestation of all things physical, Yetzirah is the cause behind all manifestations of energy in the physical realm. It is active to Assiah, or the earth planes passive, though Assiah means the world of action, because in the creation this is where it all happens, as various stages come into manifestation from the non material realms.
     What this science of the Practical Qabalah is attempting to explain is that force comes into form, and that is how reality is made. So the Philosopher creates the dry stone, and begins the wet work. As is done, this stone is impregnated into the mercury, which is now made alive. It can be made alive with a sulfur concoction if we seek a golden future. It can be made alive with the soft white Wisenstein, if we wish to celebrate a silver anniversary, or it can be kept as the Black Raven, for a peaceful existence with which to make the Vril. A properly cultured mercury is required if we are to make the Vril-Ya power flow unimpeded.
     As the teachings of Enoch present; to gain the complete depths of power, we must seek the root of all force in Yetzirah, if we are to make complete use of these forces in the world. Hence the interest in Vril in the Victorian era, which lead to the exploration of the subject by Germans under Nazi domination, and before. Thus Vril becomes erroneously identified with the Nazi's, and Lord Lytton. Bulwer Lyttons, novel the Coming Race, as the only source.
     This concept comes from as Early as the pre-history period of Enoch. Hence Enoch was the progenitor of the Qabalistic system, a man, a prophet, a servant of God, made the highest Arch-Angel in his transubstantiation, when he was transmigrated by the spirit of God, thereby ending the shadow of death from ever clouding his thoughts again. Enoch became the hand of God, and His eyes as well, and wielded the power through his holy guardian Angel Auriel, which in Hebrew is spelled; Vau, Resh, Yod,Lamed. Alternative spellings are, Aleph, Vau, Resh, Yod, Aleph, Lamed, or; Aleph, Vau, Resh, Aleph, Lamed. Vau-Resh-Yod-Lamed= VRIL.
     Auriel is the Archangel of earth, the earth force itself as it flows from the great expanse of the universe at whose point all the earth force itself flows into manifestation. How to reach this zero point, wherein there is no resistance is the key to science and Magick. Yetzirah is everywhere next to Assiah, yet Assiah requires concise points of manifestation. We must create a reaction which will be the vehicle for this manifestation of Vril force, and it must not be harmful to life as we know it, nor must it fall into the hands of the speculators in energy who seek to enslave the human race, by 'classifying' such achievements. The modern preconceived notions of Magick as some pagan practice is a disoriented interpretation of the ancient and sacred art.
     Jesus (Yeheshuah) as well as Solomon himself, practiced this art, yet so did Issac Newton (found with 2lbs of mercury in his body at his death, the classic sign of the practicing Alchemist of old.). Magick is the practical manipulation of the forces of existence in accordance with the Will of God. This is also called the practical Qabalah, but Qabalah means to receive from God, whereas the Magus wills with God, and if permissible, impresses his will upon the ethers so as to create phenomena to occur.  Alchemy is one of the many branches of the Practical Qabalah, defined as Aesch Metzareph.
     It is all about the purifying fire. Thus experimentation can begin with less and less dangerous substances with which to transform the reactive power of Mercury and its interrelationship with the ethers (which has been impregnated with our Rabe.). Protactinium 233 was experimented with as was Beryllium, also used with Thorium, as is the metal produced in the Green Dragon operation. The process through experimentation revealed less and less taxing elements upon the human body in this resplendent release of force . These compounds were then surrounded in paraffin, as the granule  of the stone must be wrapped in wax during the transformation of mercury or the seed is killed.
Bi has  E - 2,8,18,32,18,05.      Density = 9780.
Sb has E - 2,8,18,18,05.            Density = 6697.
Th has E - 2,8,18,32,18,10,02. Density = 11724.
Pa has E - 2,8,18,32,20,09,02. Density =  15370
Hg has E- 2,8,18,32,18,02.      Density = 13579.04
Au has E - 2,8,18,32,18,01.     Density = 19300

     Bi is mid-range. Hence such emphasis upon the star regulus. Interestingly enough, an enterprising lover of the art, with the right surroundings for experimentation, might find something of interest here.
     As we have always thought, if the fruits of experimentation were to reach the public, how would it be greeted if at all? Audere has always been our rule. It is a Practical Qabalistic dictum that there are 17 squares to the Fylfot. therefore only 17 elemental states to use. As all things are one, this Fylfot cross was used as the symbol of Gods creative force, perverted by the Thule bunch and their offshoots by reversing its pattern as one might turn the seal of Solomon the pentagram upside down, or the Catholic cross upside down to represent evil. Even a black magickian can practice the royal art. Yet the science, or Magick was represented there, no matter who used the symbol.
      It must be remembered that when the Divine catalyst is applied, the seed of gold, which some have called ORME,  must be wrapped in wax in order to prevent the heat from destroying it. This is why paraffin was found in the serum used within the glocke mechanism. We do not only breach the space time continuum, we transform it through art. The goal is to reach zero point or as close to that as possible. Those minerals with a shorter half life must be replenished more frequently, but are less injurious to life as we know it. How we consider an approach to science is how God will consider an approach to us.
     The goals afforded us by the Vril are Zero point energy, new forms of weaponry, and propulsion systems yet undreamed of by conventional science. Some say even the ability to take advantage of torsion distortion, but that could just be mythology. The methodology of the scientist is the essential. If in accordance with God the world will not suffer. Painstaking details, pristine purity, prevent such failings as were the case with Thomas Vaughan and Issac Newton, though Newton did make his mark.
     Most importantly, the Vril is a spiritual force, wherein the great watchtower of the north can be opened, and that vast store of energy which rules over this planet can be released to the stewardship of those wise enough to use it. Man was not meant to be ruled by the elements, but mastery of the elements is a great responsibility.  When we see what has been done to this planet already, the tendentiousness of scientists and businessmen for their own defense, is belied by the public record of the environment.
     In martial arts it is said that one must become fixed in the earth. There is a root force, wherein the warrior fixes his presence. On horse, he allows that force to flow through him from above, through the horse to the center of the earth. He impresses his will upon that force, to see and feel what he wills to do, and the horse comprehends this and is so guided.  In hand to hand, he rejuvenates himself with this force, when he shoots, he projects this force into the center of the target, and the bullet follows.
     What is it that we seek in scientific method? What is our goal? We "see" it in the force, and it manifests. Such is the nature of the Vril. We measure our results, we meter our progress, we experiment with numerous procedures and dictum, bending, till erring becomes unerring. Thus the stone of the wise is attained in all things. Science must attain the dignity. Paracelsus may have appeared to be the Bombast, but he was self assured. This self assurance is essential for success. If you do not believe in a thing, it most assuredly does not exist (to you).
     The premise of the alchemical approach to science is that things which occur in nature can and often must be improved by the hand of God and man. This is the case with this original force, with the whole process of Alchemy, the hand of man, united with God is the final process of creation. The theory is that a plasma is created by treating the mercury with the transmuted element of choice in a current of electricity, causing the mercury to remain in an altered state while causing it to move, thereby causing a great centrifugal force. The basic doctrine of Magick applies to science which of and in itself is Magick; Light, Vibration, and Motion, create the principle for the raising of force.
     Two of these moving in opposite direction have been used in experiments with torsion distortion, said to allow the folding of space, so that an object at point a will be folded to point b, and left there as space corrects itself. Torsion distortion aside, a radical transformation is caused within the elemental plasma which is created by causing mercury to remain in a state of transmuting, which is attained by maintained motion of the mercury and continual current running through the mercury, thusly creating a surplus of energy.
     Some surmise that eventually the mercury will transmute and so the process of releasing the great pent up energy of the universe through the charged mercury may require a new solution of mercury, seed of gold and a chosen element. Those who have experimented in the past were faced with the poisonous effect of certain elements, which is why the less harmful elemental choice must be made, by including that element in the transmutation process. We can look for clues to the star regulas operation for the choice. An element with a shorter half life will be less threatening to life as we know it.
     Thus God said; let us make man, and Jesus said, what more can I offer you than to become as gods. This is the natural process of creation. Throughout these articles, we have tried to show you an approach, and hope that some mind out there will develop the process. We all look forward to the process, yet a lighter of souls, a geistlichter, is not always a wissenschaftler. The method, the patience, the process, the detail all require the science type, not often is the mystic as inclined. We of the Bruderschaft hope that inspiration will come to a dedicated soul, committed to the process for the joy of the great work, and the inspired ecosystem God has left for us.
     We have described the universal agent
     We have declared the use of the seed of gold
     We have shown who to read and why
     We have described the process
     We have stated the need to captivate the Vril;
To bring clarity of purpose to a mind illumined by the Divine force, to draw all and everything into the state of wonderment inherent in the realm of God. There is always Hope to those who comprehend the rules of charity. God is everywhere and in everything.

 Speculation must lead to practical application, lots of people are searching, few know of or use the stone of the wise.

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