Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Should the Euro be allowed to stand?

     The inherent flaw in the Euro currency is a lack of centralization. You cannot have a single currency for countries who on their own follow wasteful policies. The system of the Euro is flawed in that it supplies welfare to the large corporations and the less productive countries in the union. Therefore, the Euro can only fail. The system which allows BMW to sell cars too cheaply in Greece, and to attain free access to cheap labor in the east, and free access to all markets in the EU, is welfare for BMW.
     If Greek currency were rated to Greece's productivity, a BMW would cost a great deal more. If Germany wants to conquer Europe through the Euro, then it must render unto Caesar what is Caesars and bail out Europe. If Europe wants Germany to bail them out, then they must accept German rule. Personally I feel there is little advantage to ruling the south and east. It is they who come with hat in hand and hand out.
        The system as it stands now, makes the small people pay for this, the vast middle of the population. Neither the great corporations (BMW as our example of choice, it really means all large corporations.) nor the southern or eastern peasants do much to contribute to the union, Poland aside, which seems rather self sufficient. A military alliance is one thing, and economic union means adhering to the rules of economics. This most of the EU cannot do.


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