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What is spiritual development and why we must practice it.

     This new age of enlightenment that we have passed through in the last 50 years has left us with lots to be desired. What fact it did leave most indelibly is that the desire nature is clearly the most obtuse, changing and difficult thing to put a handle on. We want what we want because...? Is it this life, a past life, the impression made upon us by a friend, relative, role model, drama character, advertisement, or story, or product placement in that story. What is it that motivates us to want what we want, and are we doing what we truly desire to do? Can it be that we could even be motivated by experiences from a previous life? This is one of the reasons behind spiritual development; to discover the nature of will, to balance that which motivates us with our will, so that we gain control over our desire nature. It is desire nature, which causes trouble for many, and often wastes a lifetime in unwanted pursuits. In the same vane, it is desire nature that is the spice of life, and makes it worth living.
     As the Romans took control of Christianity, they shaped it into a force to regulate the masses. Roman Catholicism is a slave cult, used as a means to keep slaves in fear so that they will continue to work. What better tool than fear of death, that way the workers won't commit suicide, to release themselves from slavery, if no other choice is available to them. The monster that this beast is, has preyed upon the innocent for too long. This synagogue of satan is slowly undoing itself, fortunately for the human race. The fact that there are evil cults posing as religion does not then obviate the necessity of Divinity and spiritual awakening. As with many things in the world, religions start off fresh, and deteriorate over time. We must renew them when they fall to corruption. Sometimes a building is not worth repair, and must be torn down. In that case we are forced to rebuild.
     I thought then to clarify what this awareness is, that is brought about by such awakening As it seems people have lost their way, and have turned spirituality into another means to murder and regulate others, thereby giving the forces of de-evolution cause to defame religious belief and practice. Ye who are without sin, cast the first stone. Christ released us from having to be Gods executioner. Though sin should not be condoned, we protect the little ones and those who cannot protect themselves. Most important of the laws of God, is freedom of will. Mankind counts for nothing if it does not have free choice of all his possibilities. They must be free to choose right or wrong.
     If we want to punish the wrongs, we must do it in the name of law, and not because god told us to. How many have died because a misguided soul thought he was doing gods will. Christ released us from the burden of constantly punishing others. Only those who are a physical threat to others need to be contained. All other offenders will be subject to Gods judgement, and the tolerance of their fellow man. I do not imply that biblical law is wrong, only that  we are no longer forced to be Gods judge, jury and executioner, and must make practical application of biblical law in our modern lives. This spares us from mistakenly accusing another, and from having blood on our hands, or from following the dictates of the deluded.
     So to gravitate beyond  such unessential reasoning when considering spirituality, we must elevate to the causes of and reasons for enlightenment. The human body is born with the potential for all its faculties to be made use of. Education and will are the two essentials. Environment and peers also have a great deal of influence as do genetics. The one factor that our modern society does not take into consideration is the soul, and what it has amassed throughout lifetimes of existence. As Christ is so apt to say; "God is a God of the living (Shaddai El Chai).  The goal is not to do everything now to prepare yourself for a better life when you are dead. Jesus says; 'John the Baptist is Elisha the prophet and will return again before the second coming'. What is it from this that you can deduce, but the transmigration of the soul, or reincarnation, not as the Hindu or Buddhist sees it, but as the continuation of the soul, from lifetime to lifetime, gaining information and experience, living through deep passions and devastating failures. What ever it may be, the collection of experience allows us to understand the nature of will. The first name God gives to describe God is;' I manifest my will', Eheieh, Asher Eheieh. I am that I am, is a poorer translation by King James. This concept of manifesting will is what the nature of existence is all about. God is the great macrocosm, and we are His microcosm, little gods, if we can attain godhood, that is become a fit judge or Elohim. As Jesus has said; 'What more can I offer you than to become gods'. When Tiphareth consciousness is attained, we develop the faculties to comprehend our true will.
     The brain is not simply a bio-computer, it is the chariot of the soul. The brain must be shocked into a higher state of consciousness, the which we are now discussing. This transformation enables it, the soul can now consciously function in its environment. Without the shock of mystical experience there is no hope of reaching humanity.
     Life is but a stage upon which we act, not to cringe in fear of death like an ignorant animal. The purpose of life then is this collection of experiences and all that entails. More importantly, the necessity of spirituality comes into play in that; in order to access these experiences, we must be able to remember our past life experiences, to draw upon them and make use of them. We must not look to past lives as a form of flattery, but simply take them for what they are, a part of living, a part of our life experiences, of the challenges we have faced, of the skills we have amassed, and of the deep bonds with others we have made, as well as the collected spiritual experiences we have had, what the Qabalists call rising upon the paths.
     Above this there is a procedure of transformation which occurs which is both physical and intellectual. It is what can be described as nothing less than a psychic experience, that has a direct effect upon the brain, and is felt sensually throughout the whole body, but especially in the brain. This occurs as a blinding light which overpowers the body. As it begins, control of the body becomes difficult, as if you were dieing. You 'faint' into this state of pure mind, where the body is completely forgotten, as if it were not there, and then you commune with God. In this state of consciousness, if your purpose is not clear to you, it is stated. If you seek union with God, you appear to die, if God has no purpose for you in this world. If you choose to go on in the world, clarity is given to you, but most importantly your faculties of consciousness are changed for ever.
     The brain needs this shocking into more complete use through union with God, and it comes in varying stages. It is said that generally there are three stages to this illumination. The first, tied to the Sephiroth Yesod is a white light, soft and gentle, which opens you up sensually, to the nature of the body, and enables you to more easily take control of your subconscious mind. You can faint as in the most advanced stage, but it is more gentle, and does not feel like dieing, this can be brought about with a combination of breathing exercises and vibratory work projecting the properly vibrated name of God Shaddai El Chai through the spine.
     The Yesod experience can also be attained through controlled prolonged sexual experience, wherein your energy is retained, paying strong attention to drawing force into the spine. You will find that in this state, 'time' disappears. You cannot have this experience without the ability to control your body. The mental control at this stage only requires a short span of attention control, after the force kicks in the mind is forgotten, as is time itself.  Enflaming yourself in prayer is an essential as a preclude to any practice. God must be assured of your genuineness. A regular practice of intense prayer develops the relationship. How much do you want to know God. If you believe in God, so He will believe in you, if you are an agnostic or atheist you will have considerably more difficulty with the practice.
    The next stage is related to Tiphareth, which enables you to experience what has been called your holy guardian angel. This experience enables you to move normal everyday consciousness into the state of mind known as the higher self, what we call the Ubermensch, a state of purer genius, where intellectual, psychic or spiritual pursuits are more successfully practiced. The angelic evocation can be carried out with traditional Qabalistic methods. The space you are working in must be banished and made spiritually pure. If animals are near by, they will be spooked by the experience and must not be within a  perceptible distance.
     After this experience it becomes easier to enter into higher states of consciousness at will. These lead to the faculties which enable you to attain the highest state as described above, where you enter the blinding light and go before God (you actually are in Gods mind, if you can sense what that implies).
     You will become more creative, more intelligent, inspiration is easier to attain. It is said in the bruderschaft, that you are not a man until you have had this experience which separates you from the animals. You come in contact with genius, and can regularly draw on such states of mind. If you continue in this world, your faculties are vastly improved and you can enter in and out of this higher state of consciousness which becomes more normalized in your psyche, though not as intense as the first time.
     The ancient Egyptians called the highest state of consciousness; entering into the boat of Ra. As they fell to paganism, the Hebrews took over the banner of spirituality and called this state Kether, the crown, where the resh is elevated to the vau and becomes the yod.
     It is this state which is the goal of the Rosenkreutzer. The methods for attaining this state are not easily described, just that you are not a mensch until you have attained it.  I will attempt to describe what this process is. You are attempting to create a relationship with God. A direct close relationship with a vast intelligence that is beyond definition and can only be contemplated. We must understand God as well as we can at present, pending further illumination.  It is the great macrocosm which can open itself to the lower microcosmic mind, though we must make the trans-formative changes within ourselves to have this happen. The highest of these states require that you master the state of the intellect, that you do so too with the emotions, and that you transcend them both. This is felt, perceived in a way that perception has never before been cognizant of.
     There are many techniques in varying traditions to bring about higher states of mind. You must be able to control your body, so that it does not interrupt concentration. You must be able to stay still for prolonged periods of time. You must be able to control your mind, so that idle or passing thoughts do not interrupt concentration. You must enflame yourself in prayer, as God will judge your soul, although the two lower states can be attained without extreme devoutness.. God can feel your spirit and if you can let Him feel this spirit, so that it is clear you are after the heart of the Lord, He will respond accordingly. For the Kether/Crown experience no one can be formulaic. You will not be able to determine when it will happen, if it will happen, how or where it will happen.
     It happens when God is willing and you are ready. There are so many techniques for deeper meditative states, that most bookstores have the subject covered, and much can be found for free on the internet. Pranayama methods  work well for the first Yesodic state, but you must be able to still the body, Buddhist practices can enable you to gain control of your mind, Atkinson gives good concentration exercises, the yoga publication society offers several books that can help. Raja yoga techniques can aid with the Tiphareth experience, as can many mnemonic practices.
Looking into the center of this light is simular to the Kether experience. You will see this with your eyes opened or closed, and no longer be aware of the body as you commune with Divinity. There can be no imagining the experience. Few live to tell.
Alchemical symbolism of the Tiphareth experience, wherein the sight to gather the elements is attained.
     The Book of Abramelin gives an effective method for attaining the knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel, but is very dangerous to make use of. Only the pure of heart will succeed with it, others will go mad. The golden dawn writings usually give well intended efforts that can be of use. Avoid the modern writers from the golden dawn, their motives are questionable. Angelic evocation must only be undertaken if you have the ability to travel upon the astral, can correctly draw the sacred fire in the Holy banishing, and have had this skill corroborated by someone with the sight. Until you attain the holy guardian angel experience, you have not attained Tiphareth, and will not be able to make the stone. Raja yoga exercises aid in the experience of Tiphareth consciousness as does pranayama, especially the fire breath exercises.
          Basically, you need to sit still, shut up, and prove to God that your love is sincere. God makes all things possible. With a self controlled, God knows His own. Until this experience is had, you are not whole, and cannot know a complete experience of life and all that living implies.

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