Friday, June 24, 2011

Apocalypse #8 :The coming depression, a study in economics.

      As we are all in the middle of it, we cannot help but be aware of the trying times we are living through and face in the future. There is an interesting astrological aspect which has been found affecting the natal Sun of the United States of America. It is called the grand cross. It occurred during the depression of the 1780's, again in the depression of the 1870's, again in the 1930's depression era, and will be exact in 2013 July, during the depression of the 2010's. Quantitative easing did nothing but fuel the governments incessant warring, and stoke the burning pyre of money called wall street. Banks were bailed out and given money to lend, which they did, to other corporations and the few with stunning credit ratings, and corporate overlords were rewarded with bonus's for nothing.
     The Fed has bought hundreds of billions in t-bills, which supports the United States government's illegal military actions throughout the world, and world wide fascism is on the move, with personal and national sovereignty being eradicated by the powers which represent international banking and the system of economics which allows no currency, the fair means of exchange between people for goods and services to see the light of day without these same banking affiliates charging interest on said currency. This is the root problem behind the depression. There is no available currency for the lower echelons of society to use as a means of exchange for goods and services.
     Hence the economic 'slowdown', caused by the manipulators from above. Though there is still enough capitol to go around, the system has made it to trickle up, where it is being banked by the very few, or to be used to finance massive government debt . This is one of the inconsistencies in our system of economics. Another major problem, is the current account deficit. Some 300 billions in dollars hemorrhaging from our national economy every month. A countries currency should be based upon its assets and national profit. What does a nation actually make in real terms in a year, and what is the estimated wealth of that nation, as close to actual wealth as is possible to calculate.
     If there is more currency than that, then a nation is in trouble. If this wealth could be estimated to within a trillion dollars, a vast means to control our economic decline would be at hand. The business of war only brings profit to the very few, even though it is good business, if you have no conscience, the health care industry is the same as the military industrial complex. An endless sieve for wealth generated by the government. Where else can you buy an aspirin for 2 to 10$, and these two business economies are draining the government, which causes available capital to be consumed by the government instead of entrepreneurs.
     The U.S. has used the buffer of other countries use of its currency as a reserve currency,  and of all the druglords, warlords, feudallords, and whatever other lords you can think of, make use of U.S. dollars as their method for storing wealth. As the American C130 (I believe it was) pulled up on the runway, and was opened, what do you think was in the minds of the men who saw pallets of crisp new mostly large denominations of dollars, being unloaded. On that Iraqi runway, they thought only one thing, my ship has come in, or ' how can I get me some o that'.
     The fact is; what is currency but a promissory note, indicative of one persons promise to pay the bearer its wealth significance, for the supplying of a good or service.  Hence the world economy floats upon the United States goodwill to pay the bearer of its notes, value for its significance. With the overall inadequacies of economies throughout the world, and the basic prevalence for dictatorial regimes wherein prosperity cannot thrive, the American dollar became the international currency. The problem is that it no longer represents the wealth of the nation.
     People could not count on their tinpot dictators provision of a stable currency. How many Russian warlords and despots keep their wealth in Rubles. Putins lust for limos and whores has inflated the Ruble to uselessness. So his people starve, and can do little to improve their lot, while he and his cronies carve up what little wealth Russia produces, just like the Boyars of old, but with even less conscience. This Feudalism is sweeping the globe. What prospects for the future do we all have, and what currency can people depend upon to use as a means for the exchange of the goods and services they create.    
     Barter is inefficient, though it can work in many instances, it is not adequate. Gold is an adequate means of storing wealth, but is subject to fluctuations of value as are all commodities, difficult to transport or break into small denominations, so too is a difficult means of exchange. Gold is an adequate means of forcing a country to desist from inflationary policies if forced to 'back' its currency with the metal, but is not representative of a counties wealth, which is its economy. That is, its gross national profit and assets, and to government specifically; its expected tax revenue for the coming year. Beyond that a government should not spend.
     The only 'new deal' we need now, is to train the average unemployed in some entrepreneurial skill, which will provide him with a skill he can exchange for goods and services with other Americans. A separate system of payments for this, which cannot be used on imports, must be created since the internationally traded dollar has been printed to the point of becoming a laughing stock of world currencies, which means serious devaluation, and steps taken by external governments to liquidate their holdings of worthless dollars, which will cause a further plummeting of the value of American monies purchasing power.
     A kind of internal currency which cannot be used by speculators and outside powers to manipulate our economy, must be created for use as exchange for the average citizen. This credit system of exchange could trade between all members in the program, a bailout for the working man who works. Training could be offered, so the peasant system of feudal servitude called employment can be ended, or at least reduced. Some people would rather work for another, but the government trains everyone to seek employment over entrepreneurial-ism.     
     As with all programs, there will be waste, there will be corruption, there will be schools set up to take government internal U.S. currency while not supplying any real education. It has happened before. People will abuse the system. It will not have an inflationary effect upon American international currency, and can be absorbed through goods and services offered within the United States. This could lead to a ten internal dollars to one international dollar, which is probably what will have to happen, but a loaf of bread will still cost 2 to 5 internal U.S. dollars, when produced in the United States.
     At the rate of decline caused by the overprinting of dollars for export and to the rich, that same bread will be 5 to 10$ by next year and is reflected in the current artificially bloated price of oil; forced up by speculators, cartels and the decline of the dollar. An adequate system must be evolved to circumvent the efforts of the few to gain control of everything and everyone. This will plunge us into another dark ages if not hampered. It is not socialism we are calling for, but exchange, and a new evolution of entrepreneurial-ism The corporate overlords have lost sight of reality, and have no allegiance to what made them great . The American people.
     All you fascists in China who worship the star and sickle, it was America who made you great, and the European people. If you great protectors of the people want to continue to prosper, you must shore up your markets, and not seek to enslave humanity under the guise of socialism. You corporate Nazi's of today's mega corps should not flee to foreign markets if things head south in the U.S. and E.U., but should become part of the solution, and share profits, by making more lower priced stock available for purchase for the common man, and granting greater dividends and profit sharing, as well as making an effort to generate gainful employment by creating partners in your companies rather than employees; allow more people involved in the business to share in the profits in a way that is substantial in their yearly income. Who can even contemplate the purchase of Apple or Google stock today.You also have to encourage the creation of small business, aiding in the development and funding of micro-businesses. All the large successful corporations with a 'conscience', could easily do this with the massive cash hoards they are holding. You have siphoned off everything, and must now help to reboot the system. Where is most of the capital available in the U.S. sitting now; in the banks and cash accounts of the fortune five hundred, a good reason for the stalled economy.
     An external currency system for the outside world could then be used for imports. Our currency is so devalued because of the chicanery of large corporations, that an internal currency, more reflective of value created in our country must be used, until our external and internal currency come to equalize, if ever such a thing should occur. This would entail an internal trade currency which would offer micro-credit to Americans, a bailout for the workingman, a way to jump start our economy without rewarding the corporations without merit, who have sold out our country and are now responsible for the massive trade deficits we face, with no choice but to ween ourselves of their opiate ('cheap prices' as a result of exploited foreign labor, which caused a great loss of purchasing power in the end, through loss of employment.). In the end I believe that all parties private and public will benefit from this new economic renaissance, and the debacle of QE1 and 2 might be overcome.
     For those who can trade in the international American dollar, let them, but let the dollar no longer be a support for bloated large corporations, like Exxon which turns a 55 billion dollar profit without paying any taxes. There is no longer a free economy to be allowed to work. The monopolies have fixed that. There is no longer a free market, when special interest groups can rig the price of commodities and manufactures to their own benefit. The anti-trust laws, no longer enforced have caused a mess (anti trust issues were one of the great causes of the last depression, a lack of liquidity also a reason behind each of the American depressions.), and the corporations want the installation of a new feudalism, where they, what they call 'the market', can decide what to pay people, and where people can only earn if they work for the corporation, and spend at the company store. Monopolies are the cause of the failure of the capitalist system.
     When too much wealth falls into to few hands, when a few interests can control the price of a commodity, this is Oligarchy, a form of socialism, and the end of the free market system of laissez fare capitalism. This leads to poverty, and economic decline, if there is one thing history has taught us, you can not rely on the party boss to keep things running smoothly. Another QE whether it be 3, 4 or 5, will make no difference to the economy. The money will end up in the hands of the corporate fascists, and the very few. In the old days, (1950's and 60's), the starry eyed new world order types/supporters, would say that stock ownership in corporations will distribute wealth evenly, and technological advances will create more leisure time and greater income for everyone. They did not foresee the disparities which would evolve.
     All that has occurred is the  creation of more wealth for the very few, it took business out of the hands of the single entrepreneur, out the the hands of small business, and into  hands of the Walmarts, Aldi's, Targets, and the few other massive retailers that are now gobbling up the world. Massive wealth very often requires distribution. Check the dividends of these corporations. They are meager to say the least. Their stock offerings are limited, many of which should be split through the offering of shares for purchase to the general public, but the game is fixed to benefit the very few. They often buy back their own shares rather then distribute profits.
     This control by the few also spills over to the agri-business, where far too few people decide what is produced and how it is produced, as well as how it is distributed. The French revolution occurred because of mismanagement of food production and the resulting famine. Buy locally, and support the small farmer, it may mean the difference between feast and famine. Know how your food is produced and you may live a longer and healthier life.
     Lastly, the goal of the mega corporation is to have fewer employee's who they pay less and less. They have no sense of profit sharing. Under monopolies, capitalism no longer functions as a system. Socialism leads to repression, feudalism the same, life under the mega corporation will lead to a system of socialist feudalism. An outlook that customers need to earn in order to spend has to become an understood part of the business cycle, yet this seems to be lost on the overlords of world business who seem to have overlooked this fact, or are just out right evil. The burgeoning middle classes have been an affable part of the prosperity of the last 50 years.
    Now massive unbalanced changes must be made to fix the problem of the disproportionate distribution of wealth, and the lack of opportunity which exists within this country, and in most of the world. The idea that government can adequately redistribute wealth is still the great fantasy of the left, and right alike, both expecting handouts; that increased graft can only corrupt further the already conscienceless automatons of the chambers of government on no matter what level they function. This  is a reality we must all face. Politicians have proved themselves to be a seedy breed. Leave youth unemployed for too long, they become unemployable, and enter middle age before you know it. Teach them business skills, and your society will flourish as the number of goods and services increases.Everyone must have something to trade. This puts a great part of the economy into the hands of the many.
     It is time for a Christ like effort to create an overall good for the masses without causing repression. Realistically this would probably end in pointless bickering, but our economy needs a restructuring away from socialist practices, whether from the corporation or the government, from the bottom up. There are no means but the most drastic of changes to return America to its entrepreneurial roots, and to elevate the E.U. to the same. The greatest problem that faces international trade is subsidies, an issue which must be dealt with, and is too vast to address in this post.
     I hope this gives some food for thought and that someone out there will develop some of these concepts. If nothing else, if enough people contemplate solutions, a solution can be arrived at.

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