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The Monarchy in a Rosenkreutzer perspective.


One of the two oldest symbols of the Rule of Divine Right.

Mankind has been plagued by bad government for far too long. How much government does he really need. The Biblical texts are clear on this, man does not need much. God is your King, and Judges can mete out the law. God warns; 'do not have a King'.  Samuel says, 'God is your King'. The people complained of the corruption of the Judges, why had they not thought about the corruption of rulers when they asked to have, ' a king we can see, as other nations have'.

     From our perspective; "The ruler who rules least, is best!" The elector system before the decimation brought about by the catholic pagans of Rome, was a very efficient method of government, a system which allowed the continual rule of capable men, somewhat like the American, who if proven incompetent could be replaced. In the United States the electoral system is very simular, where the people never actually elect anyone, but if a politician gets too out of line, he can be deposed without violence.
    This was the system of the electors. Just as in American politics, the electorate is looking for educated capable people to steer the course of the nation. When a leader is blatantly corrupt he is tossed out, but how a Senator or Congressman can vote to go to war; without any martial experience, without having experienced the smell of battle, the human degradation as a result of conflict, without ever having been in a one on one fight whose outcome can mean the loss of life, is beyond me. One might argue that men can intellectually understand that war is essential, but all too often that is questionable. 
One of the oldest symbols of the Divine Right to Rule.
     Many a conflict entered into by the great powers was questionable, seemingly motivated by gain than righteousness. Do we adopt the rule of Mussolini's twentieth century philosophy; the 'military logic of fascism', or learn the lesson that Mussolini hanging from his toes, and ancient imperial Rome learned; 'Rome makes a desert, and calls it peace.' Where is ancient Rome now? What was Mussolini's end? Men are flawed, what else would government be?
The Rosenkreutzer ideal is that the ruler is the patriarch of his people. He must make sure that the nation provides for the people, without causing misfortune. So the ideal of rulership has been lost on the creatures of the past, only to come back to plague us today. The problem with Monarchy is that they do not feel obliged to care for their people. The Rosenkreutzer dream was that government would be a unique spiritual brotherhood, wherein the highest ideals known to humanity would be captivated and practiced. An attempt in creating the heavenly Jerusalem upon the earth, ruled over by the Prince of Peace, who is the servant of God almighty his King, is the goal. 
     As the Buddhist contemplates; How can you walk through the Earth without doing harm? This is quite so, you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs, but you can stop eating omelets. The premise of stealing your way through life was one of the negative byproducts of the age of colonialism, and is often the approach of most businessmen. Though it brought western civilization to the less advanced parts of the world, exposing its denizens to some civilizing influences it had a harsh effect upon the natives. 
     The white mans burden may have been the premise to some but not the practice of most. While the westerners took everything of value, they did little different than the rulers in most places. When they could have elevated civilization to new heights, they took whatever they could find of value, and left cutting their losses. Obviously there was a great deal of politics and philosophizing over the whole issue which is more complex than this discussion permits, but in fact, that is what happened. When you take possession of a piece of real estate, you have to invest in it  to assure that it turns a profit. It is the same for people, invest in them wisely and the return will be greater.
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     The premise of stealing your way through life was one of the negative byproducts of the age of colonialism. Though it brought western civilization to the less advanced parts of the world, exposing its denizens to somewhat of a more humane approach as in the case of the Naga and the Thugee, in many cases the colonial masters were less than parochial and often thieving and rapacious.
     The obsession with war was often child-like and irresponsible amongst a group of men who may have been bullied by domineering parents through their formative years. Often rulers lose touch with reality, in any political system. Train for war, struggle to maintain the peace, would be the true goal of any ruler, along with a balanced budget and the needs of his people taken care of. If the people cannot easily afford the basic comforts of life the patriarch is not keeping up with his responsibilities, and certainly not in a position to wage war.  If a response to being attacked must be made by a principality which cannot afford to fight a war, then guerrilla tactics must be followed. A war of attrition against an enemy where their supplies are stolen or cut off is the only approach that the leader of a people who cannot afford to fight a war must  take.
     A system of responsibilities is conferred as a hierarchy of order is evolved. As may be often the case, spiritual men may not be the best financiers, and ministers or other advisers can often be a Mazarin. It is unfortunate that men do the things they do on occasion. Let God judge. A set of guidelines for fiscal awareness, balance and progress must be established and agreed upon. The poor will always be with us, as will the corrupt, but one promise of the apocalypse is that the average awareness will be able to receive the guiding Shekinah, the guiding intelligence of God that flows through the universe, the Holy Spirit. 
     The Order begins with God as King, Christ and other worthy shepherds of the people His Princes, All adepts as Counts in the sacred government; ruling over states as in the elector system which allows for better government on a local level, and all other stations as divided  by responsibilities and merits. Hence a system of Dukes, Earls, Judges, Marquises, Prophets and whatever other titles of use can be evolved in the delegation of responsibilities. The whole of this idea is of a practicality, where those not apt to a job must be relieved of responsibilities, as everyone is a steward of God and must be capable.  It is the overall ability to create an environment where earning ones keep is not impaired by vested interests. Keeping government small, and leadership fair offers a true laisser faire system to function with success.
     This Order was the goal of the Bruderschaft, before the Romans came into Germany and destroyed the dream. A sacred Order, run by a Solomon, a wise Prince, dedicated to the service of God, accepting of the responsibilities of a patriach, educated, and desirous of promoting all the arts and sciences, as well as the true faith. It is obvious that the Hapsburg's did not wish to give up their entitlements. The deviousness of the Romish church fomented the trouble, and bloodshed on such a scale was unknown before. The ideal of this advanced society was destroyed by the Roman beast in its lust for control and the enslavement of the human race.     It rears its ugly head today... There is an interesting book which came to my attention soon after its publication. It was written by Flavio Barbiero a retired Admiral in the Italian navy who last served with NATO. It is called the secret society of Moses. The Mosaic Bloodline and a Conspiracy Spanning Three Millennia ( This is not some elders of Zion nonsense, but has been written in a scholarly fashion.
     He describes how the bloodline of Moses has conspired to collect a tithe from Jews since the time of Moses. At the time of the fall of Masada, Josephus, being of the line, made a deal with Flavius, the conquering Roman General. Jesephus would supply Flavius with the funds to become Emperor, and Flavius would adopt Josephus, who became Flavious Josephus. He is noted as having known the details of the end at Masada, that it is believed he was the last survivor of a suicide pact, who chose not to take his own life, but to cut a deal with the Romans, a traitor to his own, explains much when reading his history.
     Josephus and others of the bloodline were then brought to Rome, became Flavius's, and received great acceptance in Rome. They were the founders of the Roman church, called catholic. Saul who became Paul, the traitor of Christianity who perverted the religion and was no apostle of Christ, so that his new Christianity would be acceptable to the pagans, breaking with the teachings of Christ established a slave cult based along Mithraic lines, giving these same Flavians of the Mosaic bloodline a way to extort tithes from a much larger group than the Israelites. 
     Hence the Romish church  was established, and from it other misguided followers of Paul descended into a cult of ignorance and evil repression. Through the Mithraic system they founded a way to manipulate the masses and establish a monarchy which would insure these new Flavians of a guaranteed tithing, and control of Europe, of all that was the old Roman world. Where the Romans failed through militarism, they would succeed through fealty, religion, and guilt. This influence existed into the 20th century and was almost publicly exposed during the P2 affair. The scandalous affairs of misappropriation of funds continues today in our present round of questionable banking, which has almost brought down the economy of the Western world. The results of these manipulators of wealth is yet to be seen.
     Over time, as with all converso's, the roots may have been forgotten. I cannot say that many of the Royal houses after the Gotha list may have been aware of ties to the early Flavians, nor many of the medieval houses either. It is no coincidence of the phenomena of the Medici and Colonna's. The Catholics presumed to control the Holy Roman Empire, setting up a system where they could profit greatly, and did not have to exert extreme control. They secretly wrested control from Otto through religion and foisting the Austrians upon the whole of Germany. 
     Next enter Luther, who saw first hand the corruption of the Romish church, and stood against them, trying to recapture the pristine roots of Christianity. The void between those who wanted to stop and those who wanted to continue to tithe to and adhere to the hypocrisy of the Roman church, would first develop into philosophical differences, then into all out warfare. as the church tried to maintain its financial prowess. Amidst this turmoil the Rosenkreutzer movement was born. According to the Rosenkreutzers, their movement began before the time of Luther, and was intended to remain private, seeking only those who sought direct experience of God, with all that entails. They sought out spiritual truths throughout the world, and tied together a method for direct experience of God and His Angels.
     The story of the founding of the Rosenkreutzer brotherhood was based on a good deal of truth, aside from anything Andrae might have had to say, as there were truly a group of people who sought after the branches of that spirituality which comes directly from God. Through physical control and psychic development, one gains the faculties to experience God directly. Science should be pursued openly and in accordance with the first principle that the earth is a garden and must be safely maintained. When the Catholics raided Heidelberg, they burned the books on geometry, which they considered a satanic art. They destroyed the moving statues that played music propelled by hydraulics, because these false priests said they were the work of the devil.
     The Catholics did not want people communing with God, He would compete with their profit levels.The Rosenkreutzer confederation was smashed by the Austrians with the blessings of the pope, and civilization was set back centuries. Hitlers war was only a continuation of world war I, which in the end was the product of attempting to Catholicize the Holy Roman Empire. Though the wars of religion were fought by many a true believer on either side, it had its roots in the attempt to maintain dominion over Germany by the romish church, and subvert the rule of the Emperor and the Elector system. 
     With the establishment of the Gotha list, a change from what was true ancient nobility steeped in spiritual essence while attempting to live the ideal, to a bunch of money changers for rome left Germany and Europe in a constant state of war for centuries to come. In many cases what remained of the protestant movement was so influenced by catholicism, that they were out of touch with pristine Christianity, and do themselves have no direct contact with Divinity, and carry on the pagan traditions of the catholics.
     It is not proper to bring hardship into the world in the name of Christ, it is wrong to force people to accept a Christian doctrine that may or may not actually be valid. Hence those who callled themselves protestants became closet catholics fomenting trouble and hatred in the world under the guise of Christ, while practicing the opposite of the Christian ethic. Such is the woe of the world as history will attest. These false Christians have broken the first rule of God, they have conflicted with freedom of will. All must choose, right or wrong. 
     The effects of the wars of religion have evolved a geopolitical basis. In the end, Europe is so small, it needed to band together, and is still not succeeding. I attribute the cause of this failure on the few who want to be tithed by the many. Entitlements are abused by anyone who can get away with them, from the very rich to the poor, including the all sacred middle-class. As found in the Secret Society of Moses, the idea of carving up the world and creating a system of titheing  is carried on by the Popes, as in the case of the New World. 
     This New World Order continues today through the efforts of the same people carrying on a policy of attempting to siphon off a percentage of every currency unit, of every barrel of oil sold, as well as a percentage of all commodities , and basically to amass as much wealth as is possible, while the rest try to survive. What Flavio Barbiero gives evidence of in his book is that the Mosaic line replaced practically the entire senatorial aristocracy of Rome. The small land owner had practically disappeared. He states that if we exclude the area of Imperial property, almost all remaining landowners were from the church or Senate. 
     These landowners in most cases continued on in their ownership and influence. He goes on to point out how most of their lands were kept under control or reconquered  after the fall of the western empire. Given in the book are examples of a converted  Jewish family whose status was immediately elevated in the mid tenth century, who soon after produced a Pope. These same elevated priest families produced Emperors, as in the case of Elagabalus, who was a priest of the sun, and had erected in his palace altars to Jewish, Christian, and Samaritan divinities, while continueing to occupy the position of pontifex maximus - that is, the supreme priest of all pagan religions. A long line of emperors continued in this position of authority. 
     The idea of controlling church and state through religious zeal was made full and practical use of. You will have to make judgements for your self in relation to the lines of thought expressed by this author, but his line of reason is compelling. This line of control is traced all the way to the Bildebergers. I from this and other of my researches as well as oral traditions, state that the thirty years war was instigated by these same manipulating families in their attempts to subjugate all humanity into a serfdom of support for their aristocracy. It is for this reason that the Protestant alliance stood against the Hapsburg's. Frederick V elector palatine, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, struck a blow for humanity, but could not succeed, and the forces of darkness have kept us plummeting to the brink ever since. 
     It is easy to see why the survival of western civilization as we know it is now openly questioned. What we are offering is not a rage against Judaism, but against a manipulative group that will stop at nothing to gain power and wealth, who may or may not be Jews and are a threat to the human race. Their actions prove them to have no respect for the idea of humanity, of the raising of all above the hardship of life itself, because their lust for power is so great, that enslaving the average person to a life of serfdom. is as normal to them as any other daily activity might be to the rest of us. We look forward to the return of the messiah, who may be born a Jew, to Elias the artist who was a Jew and may be so again. People who clothe themselves in religion as a means to dominate others are a dangerous threat to us all for all the implications of difficulty and duress they can place upon us all.

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