Thursday, June 2, 2011


     The last decade was the decade of nought, the naughties, where nothing happened to advance civilization, and the goals of the forces of darkness were furthered. I am sure that the Walkers, Bushes, Rockefeller's, Harrimans, and Mussolini had no idea that their goals of world wide facism would take this long to take root and manifest into an acceptable form of government. The Rockefeller dream of Eugenic manipulation of the gene-pool and euthanasia of undesirables has not yet been formulated into a legal jargon that is acceptable, or palatable to the 'majority', but they are working on it.
     The attempt to drug and gag all opposition is now a regularly practiced endeavor, soon all opposition will cease to exist. It is amazing how any opponent of the new world order quickly becomes a child molester or rapist. Though they seemed to have made an alliance with key figures in the moderate 'left', they seem to be picking them off like flies

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