Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Apocalypse #7. Some thoughts on the subject


     I am sorry to report that I am greatly disillusioned by the ramshackle profiteering that is going on in the 'apocalypse' business. You would think they are government officials. There are tons of supplies being sold, with little concern to quality from an easy to  qualify perspective. It seems just like cruel heartless profiteering. The prices for the food are ridiculous.  The quality of the food can only be determined if you buy some, eat some, store some, try it in two years and see if it doesn't kill you.
     It reminds me of purveyors who supplied settlers and explorers in the 19th century, many of whom were overcharged and poisoned by the foodstuffs they purchased at very high prices. Since when did capitalism mean highway robbery. Caveat Emptor, does that mean fleece the sucker. Between every world government selling out and enslaving its people, surveilling them and manipulating them beyond the point of big brother, what will the businessmen/government do, once they have collected the data; lead us to re-education centers where we can learn how to be 'good' citizens as they do in the fascist 'peoples' republic of China.
     The corporations merging with the state is the exact description of Mussolini's twentieth century fascist system. Socialism is what it is, no matter how you name it, just a chance for the few to steal from the many; and it seems that is what business has decided to do on no matter what level. What it should do is sell a quality product at a fair price. Socialized medicine is a living example. If health care systems weren't funding the sale of One hundred dollar a tablet aspirin, and overpriced tests, how else could the health industrial complex maintain its ridiculously high profit levels upon the suffering backs of the average consumer, to under educated to even understand what is going on.
     You will have to decide what to do, as no help will come from anywhere else. In the coming year we will be preparing. I will mention products as we try them, and methods and techniques we are using. Most of the survival sites I have gone to seem like total rip-offs, so you will have to carefully select and choose individual items to make up your E&E bags, weigh it, see if you could carry it for a few days. You will have to try products, with the understanding that most dealers seem to be unscrupulous; finding that some product you have purchased may not be what it was stated to be. Trial and error at this point seems the only way. There are not enough sites giving test results of products.
     You can store many bottled or canned foods from regular retailers, but should have grains stored for the long haul. Determine about how many calories per day you would like to have, and the quality of nutrition, and lay in a stock of store bought items for a year, and longer preserved items such as grains and proteins. Eating vegetarian is much wiser for both health and storage reasons.
     It is quite an investment to be prepared, and well worth it. We have a duty to go on, and must try to be present to stand against the forces of evil that have now taken control of the world, in the hope that there will be a humanity left after the oppressor is defeated.  The countless joys which being alive provides one with in a lifetime are meaning enough for existence. The gift of life to the young, well worth preserving, and the promise of the golden age to come are reason enough to preserve yourself, and help as many as you can. Aside from being right, it is part of the Divine plan.
     The institutions of government and religion have failed us, but not what they stood for. The promise of the messiah is hoped for by many religions, even if degenerates hide within the ranks of their officials, like wolves preying upon the sheep. The same is the case with the government; they portray that the ideals of the American system are well worth striving for, but in practice they do nothing to uphold the principles this country stands for (while supporting the principles that Exxon stands for; in both money and blood.). In Europe they are forthright in treating everyone as if they are livestock.  It does make our times seem somewhat absurd. The best of times, the worst of times.
     The crude degenerates who run the nuclear industry have come up with a solution to the Fukushima 'problem', we'll turn the thirty mile radius (20 mile) into a nuclear waste dump (it'll be great.). As if it is some x-files conspiracy plot to destroy all human life on the planet, the nuclear industry controls every government on the planet, no matter how bad its track record, and brings ruin and high taxes to us all. Free Nuclear energy, the most expensive source of power ever bestowed, with a boon  upon the few. I wonder who they plan to elect as emperor of humanity when they have finally quelled all dissenting voices.
    Back to the subject at hand, as we all know evil rules now, and this will not change until the apocalypse has passed. Certainly the last decade has shown us there are no political solutions to the problems we face.
     I have been studying the writings or Edgar Cayce, who I find somewhat questionable, but may have some things to teach us. Very often with many a prophet or psychic we can glean the futurity of a situation by toning down what they have to say. All too often they are so filled with the energized enthusiasm of their mystical 'revelation' and the experiences surrounding it, that they tend to exaggerate the matter at hand. Cayce predicts massive inundations, and the covering over with water of massive tracts of land.
     The internet can supply you with numerous maps to look at, and the best approach would be to apply any information current on land formations (that is geology, fault lines, soil and rock formations, current drilling for oil and gas, all earthquake and land erosion factors.) to the theories of potential disaster and their likelihood.
     When we look to the continental U.S. the major threats are spread out across the whole continent. The eastern half has a thin mantle and the west has the serious fault lines running throughout the west coast, and the greatest volcano on the planet in the Wyoming area, along with Washington states volcanoes and the great faults under the ocean in the pacific northwest. Florida will disappear according to Cayce, and a new land mass will appear off the coast of florida, this occurring after the massive Charlestown South Carolina predicted earthquake occurs. It should be noted that the Puerto Rico/ Domincan republic area have regular earthquakes, 7 in the last day. Nevada is having more earthquakes than before, as are other places.
     In the continental U.S. the potential for Cayces theories have some grounds. People will argue that things haven't changed in a long time, and that it is unlikely. They are often undereducated, and not capable of understanding the situation. Any intelligent person knows that these things have occurred in the past and are overdue to occur. Not to the extreme of the Dinosaur extinction theory, but possibly as extreme as the earth changes which occurred 10,000 years ago.
     From many indications, I have decided that the western half of the U.S. has a much greater risk, as does the area around the Mississippi river, from Chicago to  New Orleans. I don't know that as much land as Cayce predicts will disappear. I think the loss will be great, maybe the Mississippi river will double or triple in width, Los Angeles could very likely be destroyed, the lower half of Florida and up to twenty miles inland will disappear of the low lying lands of the east coast and gulf states. Tennessee and Kentucky may suffer from earth quakes and levy breaks. In the maps on earth changes you will see far worse changes occurring. It is said that Oklahoma, being a mud stone flat can easily be dissolved out of existence through natural catastrophe.
     There are good apps for earthquake activity, and disaster warnings. If you are on the east coast, it is wise to watch the Azores and Canary Islands for activity (the potential for island masses to break off and cause tidal waves.), or even wiser to move away from the coasts. Many people I have known from southern California say they would rather die than move. Dying could be a blessing, a slow miserable death from wounds or starvation would be more likely under the present government regime.
     You can google Earth changes maps and find many choices of opinions, or specifically Edgar Cayces  predicted map shape. If you compare these maps to the geography you can see that there is some potential possibility to them as predictive, but compare them to the landmasses themselves, above sea level and below. Cayces maps have some potential but things may not be as bad as they appear. We may not see such extreme changes. The potential for low lying areas to disappear is quite possible over time, and especially if there are cataclysms. Cayce seems to predict that Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, half of North Carolina and half of Georgia will be inundated, and a good deal of damage done to the west coast. New York City will disappear, as well as a good part of New Jersey and Maryland. You can see the potential from the places where earthquakes are possible and low lying landmasses exist by studying the geographical geology of the continental United States.
     You can read what many of these people are saying, its all available and free to see and try to make an evaluation yourself. Keep your feet planted on the ground, with an open mind to varied possibilities. I find most of what comes out of the new age movement to be questionable, too often eccentric and profit oriented. We take the Rosenkreutzer approach to all of this.  They have stated long ago that the best place to be was in North America. Higher ground is better, and to be away from fault lines is a good choice. You must make sure you are not in the path of dams and levies which might break, or close to electric generating plants (coal or nuclear are both dangerous for varying reasons, as are coal slurry storage facilities), and the regular paths of Hurricanes and tornadoes. An accessible source of clean water is always an essential. You can grow food in the mountains, you may just have to create a good soil bed and irrigation system.
     As I have stated before, you must not develop an obsession with the subject. If you lose your life, the soul goes on. If you are beyond redemption, may there be mercy on you. If you are a catholic priest who buggers little boys, Christ has made it clear there is only the worst for you who take advantage of the innocent. You who are truly evil know who you are, and clinging at life like some dying beast will not help you. What is clearly stated in the apocalypse of John, is that war will bring the greatest destruction. I believe the wars of the twentieth century and to date are great destroyers of the eco system, along with all the property and lives wasted.
     You must preserve life for God first, and all the joys of existence next. Therefore we prepare for two years of tribulation, with a third year of supplies for good measure. You should have a dwelling place that is secure and somewhat comfortable. The means for hearth and home. If you dwell in a city a place higher up and hopefully with others you can trust and might like to be around is in good order.
     The 2012 people see a massive earth change, a pole shift (the coming of the planet Nibiru.).  If that is so, then most of us will die, as this is nearly unsurvivable. If you haven't made peace with God yet, you should ask yourself why. Otherwise, you are as ready as anyone else to die.
     I, being motivated by biblical Prophecy, do not think that there is going to be the rapture, which concept is not supported in scripture, do not think that there will be a pole shift, ( though we do have lots of other things to worry about.) and believe that a multitude will be saved. You must remember that it will be war, famine, disease, and natural catastrophes which will be the causes of the apocalypse, not a single cause.
     The prophets seem to see what can only be described as a nuclear winter, which could be caused by a war, or a volcano, something akin to the volcano in the Wyoming area, or a Nuclear war. They advise storing two years worth of food. I would suggest more. If they are relaying a message from God, as I believe they do, then we must not only have food stored, but the means to grow food as well. If nothing happens you can eat the food, and plant the seeds. We must hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  We will try to come up with a list of essentials and necessities, that will make life secure, tolerable, and possibly enjoyable. Though all of these matters are from inspiration, I would advise a pragmatic approach. We must live in the hope of life as we know it being uninterrupted,  while being prepared for the worst.
     Conquest, slaughter, famine and death. The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse may hold some secret clues, but do cover what we are now experiencing in the world on a wholesale level, implying that man will be his own undoing, environmentally as well as militarily.

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