Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Monarchy from a Rsenkreutzer perspective. Part 3

      With the establishment of the Gotha list, a change from what was true ancient nobility steeped in spiritual essence while attempting to live the ideal, to a bunch of money changers for Rome, left Germany and Europe in a constant state of war for centuries to come. In many cases what remained of the protestant movement was so influenced by Catholicism, that they were out of touch with pristine Christianity, and do themselves have no direct contact with Divinity, and carry on the pagan traditions of the Catholics.
     It is not proper to bring hardship into the world in the name of Christ, it is wrong to force people to accept a Christian doctrine that may or may not actually be valid. Hence those who called themselves Protestants became closet Catholics fomenting trouble and hatred in the world under the guise of Christ, while practicing the opposite of the Christian ethic. Such is the woe of the world as history will attest. These false Christians have broken the first rule of God, they have conflicted with freedom of will. All must choose, right or wrong.
Any Catholics need some air

     The effects of the wars of religion have evolved on a geopolitical basis. In the end, Europe is so small, it needed to band together, and is still not succeeding. I attribute the cause of this failure on the few who want to be tithed by the many. Entitlements are abused by anyone who can get away with them, from the very rich to the poor, including the all sacred middle-class. As found in the Secret Society of Moses, the idea of carving up the world and creating a system of tithing  is carried on by the Popes, as in the case of the distribution of the New World.
     This New World Order continues today through the efforts of the same people carrying on a policy of attempting to siphon off a percentage of every currency unit, of every barrel of oil sold, as well as a percentage of all commodities , and basically to amass as much wealth as is possible, while the rest try to survive. Today these men no longer need to cloth themselves in religion, money for many is the new religion, and the wealthy its new Popes. Returning to Flavio Barbiero's book, evidence that the Mosaic line replaced practically the entire senatorial aristocracy of Rome is given. The small land owner had practically disappeared. He states that if we exclude the area of Imperial property, almost all remaining landowners were from the church or Senate.
     These landowners in most cases continued on in their ownership and influence. He goes on to point out how most of their lands were kept under control or reconquered  after the fall of the western empire. Given in the book are examples as the case of a converted  Jewish family whose status was immediately elevated in the mid tenth century, who soon after produced a Pope. These same elevated priest families produced Emperors, as in the case of Elagabalus, who was a priest of the sun, and had erected in his palace altars to Jewish, Christian, and Samaritan divinities, while continuing to occupy the position of Pontifex Maximus - that is, the supreme priest of all pagan religions. A long line of emperors continued in this position of authority.
     The idea of controlling church and state through religious zeal was made full and practical use of. You will have to make judgements for your self in relation to the lines of thought expressed by this author, but his development of the thread of history is compelling. This line of control is traced all the way to the Bildebergers. I from this and other of my researches as well as oral traditions, state that the thirty years war was instigated by these same manipulating families in their attempts to subjugate all humanity into a serfdom of support for their aristocracy. It is for this reason that the Protestant alliance stood against the Hapsburg's. Frederick V Elector Palatine, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, struck a blow for humanity, but could not succeed, and the forces of darkness have kept us plummeting to the brink ever since. 
     It is easy to see why the survival of western civilization as we know it is now openly questioned. What we are offering is not a rage against Judaism, but against a manipulative group that will stop at nothing to gain power and wealth, which includes many different kinds of people divided by race and religion, drawn together by greed and the lust for power, who are probably more agnostic or atheistic than anything else,  and are a threat to the human race. Their actions prove them to have no respect for the idea of humanity, of the raising of all above the hardship of life itself, because their lust for power is so great, that enslaving the average person to a life of serfdom, is as normal to them as any other daily activity might be to the rest of us. I agree with Thomas Jefferson who said, 'let us have an aristocracy of achievers' , having realized there will always be some form of aristocracy which naturally forms in any society. Thus society is elevated, the arts flourish, and the thought of people suffering want is beyond question.
   We look forward to the return of the messiah, who may be born a Jew, to Elias the artist who was a Jew and may be so again. People who clothe themselves in religion as a means to dominate others are a dangerous threat to us all for all the implications of difficulty and duress they can place upon us all. The base idea of feudalism will stagnate society. The group of the haves versus the have nots is widening the gap between rich and poor, creating more poverty, and less of a middle class, the stave of the marvelous success story of the latter half of the twentieth century in the western world.
The lion of Judah, a recurring theme in European heraldry.
Since aristocracy is inevitable in some form, I return to the idea of the Rosenkreutzer Princes who fought for the Divine rule, for the protection of the people in the patriarchal traditions, to the culture of the enlightened human race, progenitors of making the ideal real. It is up to us to try to recreate this ideal on the micro level, in our own homes, in our individual lives, we must take on the responsibility of the patriarch.  If we build the ideal of a responsible society, peopled by pillars of all that is the achievement of humanity, the answer will spread from each home, run as a noble house, in regard of  the goals and obligations of and to God. Solutions must be found on this beginning level of society through which we can overcome all obstacles.
      The change must start at the lowest level of society and work its way up. As Royal houses band together and grow to the point of becoming a mighty force, so too can we defeat the terrible forces of serfdom and slavery. It is the goal of those with the obsession to gain control of all the wealth and the people who create it, to end private property(while maintaining their own controlling interests over massive properties and other instruments of wealth through political appointment or election.), to stop Royal houses from passing on their wealth, the result of a lifetimes achievements to our children, so that the state can confiscate that achievement which civilizes us and redistribute that wealth amongst their selves and their political constituents. 
Lorenzo, what a guy!
     Fascism allows nothing to interrupt service to the state. With taxation upon primary residences, we never truly have a family home, the fascists who rule can always take possession. Often death taxes make it impossible for children to keep the family seat. The goal of these new world order monsters is to fulfill the end and means of fascism; the merging of the corporation with the state where said states needs overrule the needs of the individual. Everyone loyal to the fuhrer, with dissidence declared a form of terrorism.

     It is obvious that this scale of centralization of power is dangerous and defeats the rights of the individual, unless he has the ruthlessness to become a Stalin or Hitler. The devolution of the state requires that government become smaller so that the needs and wants of local populaces can determine their own destiny. The average dictator is disgruntled with this approach; where will he find his cannon fodder. 
     The elector system made for capable people to build a lasting civilized living situation. The best of capabilities could be passed on through the heirs, and if those heirs were proven incapable, then others could be elected to the tasks of office. This would make the world into a confederation, where scientific research and development could be shared by group efforts, and wars would require the ratification of more parties, so no tin pot dictator or president could cause the deaths of five millions here, tens of thousands there.