Friday, July 29, 2011

The Monarchy from a Rsenkreutzer perspective. Part 4

     If we are to overcome the apocalyptic threats that loom over us, we must band together, as the men of old did, to come to the common cause, in pure Nobility. Those who are too ignorant to understand, those who will not continually improve themselves will not be a part of this new aristocracy of achievers. Life is like art in progress, expecting that the artwork is never finished, but always improving.

     The mistake begins with the lack of regard of the most important factor of civilization; on the level of the family. Each group taking care of his part of the world. With our ability to communicate, we can easily organize productive efforts to set right the balance of nature. It is the few who control industry, who decide how the masses consume, how energy is generated and used, that are the stumbling block to humanities future.  These men do what is profitable for them and their vested interests, and not what is sound for existence. They are against nature, against life itself. These avaricious Corporate Fascists are the new barbarians at the gate.

      Since aristocracy is inevitable in some form, I return to the idea of the Rosenkreutzer Princes who fought for the Divine rule, for the protection of the people in the patriarchal traditions, to the culture of the enlightened human race, progenitors of making the ideal real. It is up to us to try to recreate this ideal on the micro level, in our own homes, in our individual lives, we must take on the responsibility of the patriarch.  If we build the ideal of a responsible society, peopled by pillars of all that is the achievement of humanity, the answer will spread from each home, run as a noble house, in regard of  the goals and obligations of and to God, as well as mankind. Solutions must be found on this beginning level of society through which we can overcome all obstacles.
      The change must start at the lowest level of society and work its way up. As Royal houses band together and grow to the point of becoming a mighty force, so too can we defeat the terrible forces of serfdom and slavery. It is the goal of those with the obsession to gain control of all the wealth and the people who create it,  to end private property (while maintaining their own controlling interests over massive properties and other instruments of wealth through political appointment or election.), to stop Royal houses from passing on their wealth, the result of a lifetimes achievements to our children, so that the state can confiscate that achievement which civilizes us, and redistribute that wealth amongst themselves and their political constituents. 
Symbol of the Medici. What the Bildebergers need to consider most is how to heal the planet.
     This assault on the family will destroy the values which are essential to civilization. At the heart of the Elector system was the family. It was the family who offered sons if an enemy was at the gates. The family which produced the food and raised the children to encompass societies values and skills. People have grown out of touch with reality. Though achievements are made on varying levels, it is difficult for most to determine what distinguishes one family as Royal, and another as common.
       In our current Topsy turvy world, where institutions have become so corrupt, the only people who are elevated by society are those who are the most materialistic. The ancient determinative was by holiness, and responsibility. Your relationship with God determines your Royalty. To support states as they exist, is to support evil.
     Children run wild with other children because of public education, which after several generations has eroded the family into an ineffective entity. Parents are legally responsible for the first 16 years or so, of a child's life, and then its every man for himself. Granted, some send their kids onto college, but the lack of a family seat, of a continued life with the family is destroyed by government policies which inevitably separate people into small groups, preferably where individuals live alone. It is easier to divide and conquer, if your goal is a slave state.
     Children are out of hand at an early age, left to the animal pack mentality of other children, and improperly supervised by strangers, who should not be in charge of children who are not theirs. A child should not be out of range of their parents until around 13 years of age. Even then, a parent should hold sway over a child for much of their life.
     It seems that governments fear a family that might have traditions and history which can be traced back over hundreds of years. I believe this came about through catering to the needs of industrialists who required a base of workers to serve their quota's for labor. People who would be dedicated to the company, and not outside interests. This continued with service related businesses, the employee worked in his cubicle, and did nothing that prying management (read spying on internet activity, into private facebook pages and more..) would judge as being unseemly. The slaves must serve.
     Now the Corporate master doesn't know that they have much use for us when they can exploit labor in the developing world, so they are seeking an exit strategy, whereby they can convince 1st world workers to settle for much less, and 3rd world people to accept much more of the burdens of industry. The need to return to the concerned patriarchy, to the family business, to working together as a Noble society, is the only hope for the future. Everyone must be concerned for as many others as they can be. We are at a time where we must choose if we want to be barbarians (returning to all the fruits of uncivilized life, short lifespan, food shortages, poisoned water, and all the other problems associated with being uncivilized.) or  continue to advance as civilized men.
Almost everyone loves a double headed eagle the oldest symbol of nobility along with the equal armed cross.
The lion of Saint Mark the symbol of fire-the will, in the heart of the eagle, the symbol of water-love.
The symbol of Saint John, the most coherent of the new testament books, which encompasses the cross of the Hierophant.
     At a time when the eco-system can no longer tolerate it, magnates in the manufacturing world are acting without conscience, seeking that ever elusive profit, and doing what ever it takes to make a profit. As nature is unbalanced by mismanagement of land and resources, these masters of industry will make the earth a desert, with raging storms scouring the planets surface, until man can no longer cohabit with the earth. Then after so many thousands of years, the earth may regenerate itself, and possibly a few survivors might eventually thrive again.

    The new Nobility can start with Noblesse Oblige, privilege entails to responsibility. One is not to spend their time in idle pursuits, but to undertake management, and responsible conduct in all affairs. The Noble is the Divine Patriarch, protector of all in his charge, and symbol of the Lord who has been called Yehowah, creator of us all, mind beyond all conception, the vast intelligence present throughout existence.

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