Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some ideas about survival... Apocalypse #6

     Strangely enough, people who deem them selves intellectuals presume that survivalists are all insane. That the subject itself is one for the lunatic fringe to digest, and that it could not happen here. History has proven that thread of thought incorrect. As a matter of fact, great civilizations rise and fall. We are undoubtedly finding the west in decline. It seems that those who rule, would not let our civ crumble, but they certainly have let the economy go to ruin, the ecosystem become nearly destroyed, and sold us out to our enemies.
    The potential for deterioration of the quality of life, and all that implies is quite possible, as is the possibility of natural disaster. There are greater matters to worry about.  I've been looking into what others have to say and am studying survival sites. offers some interesting info on a variety of topics. They seem to be associated with, or are the organ of a survival products company. Though I approach any site like this with wariness,  anything I have read seems useful, and I haven't noticed any information that seemed off the mark.
     The products of their affiliate are interesting. Many seem useful, especially for an E&E bag, but anything that I liked seemed expensive. I would suggest reading the site, and cost comparison on the products you might be interested in. Another interesting site is, captain daves. Lots of articles on many scenarios (some overly paranoid, but you decide), and plenty of gear in their store. Their prices don't seem too bad, though nothing to rave about.  Another site you might want to check out is, lasts for 15 years. As we read prophecy, seems having a three to five year supply of food on hand is a good idea. Its hard to say which of these products is right for you or good. Most companies give samples or have sample packs you can purchase. There are other food suppliers to check out. We will be searching for more sources in future.

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