Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Torsion Distortion

     I've been reading about torsion distortion, the idea of bending matter in the space continuum, of warping time itself. The torsion theory is an interesting one, and is probably fit by many into the realm of alternative science. I cannot say whether or not this is so, but it sounds real to me, and will not directly change my life if I believe in its possibly or not. It first came to notice through the studies of Astrophysicists watching the stars.
     Simply put, it states that the Universe itself is spinning is two directions, as if wringing a aluminum can bottom counterclockwise, top clockwise, or reverse, or simply put, one end of the Universe is moving in a different direction than the other . The effect of creating this phenomena upon a smaller scale, could enable us to fold space. It could also enable us to destroy matter itself, by creating a torsion effect that would be far greater in destructive capability than the most powerful nuclear weapons.
The Russian physicist Nickolai A. Kozyrev. He felt that he proved that Aether manipulated by higher mind is the cause behind creation ( and this is during Communist rule, making his science anathema to the atheist regime.). Mystery schools have taught the means to control the Aethers on a microcosmic scale, that is on the level of man, and teach that God is the Macrocosm. Kozyrev also experimented with the torsion principle for practical use in levitation, as did German scientists and those of the United States of America. The most interesting use of all was folding space, which as much as it has been practiced would be seen more as teleportation ( which the scientific considers unproven and even hearsay.).
     The experiments, though denied by any government, have left disputable evidence. The NGO researchers give the existent information, which is convincing, and claim a coverup by governments who do not wish to divulge the fact that such research and resulting technology exists. The governments have most of the info classified, though the fall of Communism saw some declassification of Kozyrev's work. Though there is some info to be found on USA experimentation, most is classified. The Germans aren't saying anything, though they are in advance of the rest on maglev tech.
     The Idea of folding space was first popularized by the Dune stories. It seemed the only way to be able to reach the stars, all others filled with too many problems, so a much desired science. Some of the experiments that leaked out into possible public view, seemed to say that it would be impossible to do, as it had such a destructive affect upon the human body. As with all science in its early stages it is often mocked by the conventional conformist community who await solid research and proven experiments. New science cannot necessarily be proven until enough experimentation has been committed.
      The most trying claim of torsion theory is that it permits time travel. According to unrecognized researchers on the subject, time travel has been a side effect of the German (Hitler called his project "Kronos"}and American experiments, no one knows exactly how far the Russians have gone with this. In the German device (the bell) the xyrum 525 was highly radioactive and sickened or killed many test subjects. Most of their test sites were situated near death camps, which gave them a ready supply of laborers to clean up the materials exposed to radioactivity, as well as many a test subject for experimentation.
     Today's researchers have found that the German 'Bell' device had within it two cylinders rotating within it in opposite directions which caused a solution of 'red mercury' (xerum 525) to coat the inside or engine powered by electricity ( direct current). This caused it to be called the bienenstock (beehive) because of the buzzing hum. It is supposed that this led to a power plant for saucer like craft the Germans were developing. They claimed to have developed foo fighters as well. One of the side effects of the torsion distortion caused by these devices was the shutting down of engines, and electronics. The foo fighters were supposed to have downed several aircraft during the end of the war.
      Most of this is very interesting to me, though not life changing, because as with the scientists I can say there is no absolute proof of these things, yet I will continue to explore the subject out of interest.
     Yet most of the documents have disappeared, though there is evidence of Americans from Pattons army running a raid into Czechoslovakia for the stealing of German documents, at which they were successful. The Americans used sailors for their experiments, as they had no available concentration camp detainee's available. Some say the Air Force may as well be involved in this research and development. I have been told more about this by Naval personal  that they have seen flying ships of ET proportions, beyond the scope of anything we have. I have spoken with Psych researcher from the Navy who have had many a strange tale to tell, but who can say.
     When government treats its citizens as enfeebled misfits they will have a nation of children, and fail as leaders of the world. We need to build a nation of adults to succeed in the twenty first century. Our government needs to wise up before its too late. There are some of you who would argue what difference would it make for the government to tell us the truth or hide the fantastic from us, based upon the intelligence of the average citizen and the likelihood of these subjects.
     Though all of this may be the conspiracy watchers paranoid ramblings, there is enough info floating around, in both modern and ancient literature to make an intelligent person think on this.

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